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By Rita Doughty | Jan 24, 2014

Hello Everyone

Other than our real cold weather we have been having I do not have hardly any thing to report for this coming week. My news never made the paper. I have been having trouble getting onto the Internet. All kinds of problems.

Happy Birthday

I would like to wish my niece, Tanya Drew Braley a Happy Birthday today. I used to help take care of her when she was first born, and it's been 31 years since. I wish for you many more birthdays.

Benefit Pot Luck Supper

Saturday, Jan. 25th 4:30-6pm at Mt. View for Dwight Montgomery. Cindy Abbott is in charge, contact her to donate or help.

Tena Keller's Book

The book is being sold in several places around town, and I'm hearing people just simply love her book. Pick one up soon, and all proceeds goes to Warm Waldo or Garry Owen House.

Oil Program

The Joe-4-Oil Program is not available yet, Let's hope it is available next month to help people with heating oil. We sure have been burning lots of fuel to keep warm.They say to check back in February.

Cell Tower

The cell tower here in Knox is not in use yet. People have been wondering. We can only wait for this in the future.


Several folks have been in Florida. Some are still there, and others are just leaving this week to go. Enjoy the warmer weather. Although I see on Facebook that it has been pretty cold in the Southern States as well. Let us hope it does warm up soon.

Mid Winter Conference

The American Legion and Auxiliary held their conference on January 18th in Millinocket. There was about 60 Ladies attending. I didn't attend.


Gabe got to celebrate his 11th Birthday on Jan. 20th. He went to Boston to the Museum of Science, and the Aquarium. He loves those trips. He went with family.


Hello to all the snowbirds. Also to Elsie Harris in Norwood, Mass. Miss you. Lois Keller, your old friend lives in Belfast.

London Trip

Ann Hubbard is still fund raising for Bryce to go to London. This is a school trip. .Any help would be appreciated. She has to go with him.


Kelsea Doughty celebrated her 9th Birthday with a Party at Ridgetop Restaurant. She had fun with family and friends. She is quite the little gymnast too.

Knox Historical Society

We still have Calendars for sale at the Town Office if you are interested.

Until next week,

Beware that cold weather, Take extra precautions out and about. The temps have been below zero, and staying there. Also, staying in the single digits. I do not like to go anywhere .Stay warm friends. The days are passing by, and soon it will be Spring before we know it. Take care now, we still have ice under foot to deal with.


There has been a lot of strep throat going around. I saw on TV where there was a case of  TB reported. This is scary stuff to hear.



































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