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By Rita Doughty | Feb 22, 2014

Hello Everyone,

What a beautiful, gorgeous, sunny day out there today. The sun is shining and the temp is in the 40's. A great  day to get outside for sure. The grandkids have all gone off sliding.


A special Happy 84th Birthday to Lilla Jackson. Hope you have many more to come.

Town Knox News

There will be a Town of Knox Informational Meeting to discuss an enlargement of the Town Office, and Meeting Room. On Wed. Feb. 26th at 6:30 pm at the Knox Town Office. Please try to attend, your support is needed.


To the Family of Al Smith, 88, of town, and Pittsfield. He was the long time companion of Pat Raven. She passed in December.

To the Family of Charles "Charlie" Bormet  who passed in Florida.

To the Family of Sheila Murch Brooks, 69, who passed recently.

To the Family of Maureen Terry Philbrick Smith , who was formerly of town.

To the Family of Carl Penney who passed this week. He will be remembered for his love of his race horses, and travelling around with them to races with his family and friends.

To All of the families who have lost someone Our Condolences.

Democratic Caucus

The Knox Democratic Caucus will be Sunday, March 2nd at 2 pm. If postponed due to weather, it will be March 9th at 2 pm. Any info call Marsha Shibles, 568-7573. Registration at 1:30 pm.

Supper and Birthday Postponed

As soon as I hear I will update you all on the Spaghetti Supper and 89th Birthday Celebration for Shirley Bessey. It was postponed due to the weather and sickness.

Sliding Party

The Annual Sliding Party and Celebration was held today at Doughty's Field. The grandkids, and all the family and friends had a great time. A lot of people attended sliding, and with their snowmobiles. Happy Birthday to all who had a birthday.

Birthday Party

Ava Nickerson celebrated her 8th Birthday Saturday with a party. A fun time was had by all. Many little ones were there. She got lot's of nice gifts.

Remembrance Benefit Supper

A Supper will be held in Memory of Carl Penney on Mar. 22nd at Larrabee Fun Center Shibles Rd., Knox. 4:30-7 pm. Donations. A Raffle will be drawn also. Tickets are available. More info call John 322-5031.

Thinking of You

My cousin, Roger Drew " Little Roger " of Freeport is in the hospital battling cancer. He is very sick at this time.  Prayers would be nice for him, and his family. He lived years ago at Halldale Corner.


Five of the grandkids have been here this week. The vacation has seemed to fly right by. I am blessed they like to come and stay with Grammie Rita. Some day it will be so quiet I will hate it. .Folks enjoy your children, and grandkids, time goes by, and they move on so quick. Enjoy all the precious time you have.

Sara's Birthday

We all met at Texas Roadhouse in Augusta to celebrate her 13th Birthday. I must have ate a peck of peanuts. Ha Ha..Everyone had a good time.

News, Cell Tower

I got news today on the cell phone Tower at Knox Ridge by the church. AT & T is there working. Yes, let's hope they get it working, as we need service for the cell phones in this town .Keep your fingers crossed. Stay tuned....

Thorndike Happening

On Mar. 1st at 4:30 pm is a Public Supper, and Entertainment at the Thorndike Town Office. It is a nice time. The singing and music is awesome. Call the Town Office for info.

Fishing Derby

Just a reminder of the In Memory of T-Pot Parson's Fishing Derby in Unity. This is March 1st.. Starts 6 am-5 pm .Info:  Blaine at 660-3526. Come help the Unity Vol. Fire Dept. raise some much needed funds. Have a great time catching that Big Ole Fish. Bring the kiddos, and let them fish. They will have a great time. It is on Unity Pond.

Until Next Week,

Take care everyone. The weather has been better for a few days this week. The Joe-4-Oil Program is still on. Good Luck getting through to them. The lines are always very busy. Keep trying, be patient. Tena Keller's book is still available. I have mailed a few to people wanting them. My address is 194 Morse Rd., Knox 04986. Her book is a very good book to read. I really enjoyed it. School vacation is over. We have had a lot of snow, but the rain lowered it down, although the sliding, and snowmen were plentiful. Get Well to Joyce Thompson who has had a bad cold. Get better soon.

Lori's Daycare

They have had the cutest snow sculptures there. The Loch  Ness Monster, and the Ninja Turtles. Lori and Kayla sure are talented playing in the snow with the kiddos. I saw them on Facebook. Good job Ladies.


Congratulations are in order, Thelma Leimers, 97 years young, received the Boston Post Cane, and a Plaque from the Town of Brooks, where she resides and being the oldest citizen. That is an honor. Congrats Thelma.











































snowmobiles. A fun day for all. Happy Birthday to all who had a Birthday.


















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