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By Rita Doughty | Mar 10, 2014

Finally Folks here goes I hope,

The Knox Town Meeting is this week. Friday voting 4-8 pm for 3rd Selectman.

The Town Meeting is Saturday March 15th 10 AM. Please try to attend and support your town.


I am sending Our Sincere Condolences to the Family of Danny Hotham who just recently passed away. .We have known Danny for a long time since he was a kid. He and his sister Charlene used to come to the house, and we went snowmobiling. We sure had alot of laughs. I will never forget you Danny, you were a great guy even if you did pick  my car up off the ground so I couldn't go anywhere. I still laugh about it..Love you sweet guy !!! And oh, I forgot the night I had to go out the snowmobile trail when you put that Arctic Cat up the darned tree..Scared the hell out of Mom when you came back for help and burst threw the door ...hahahaha We certainly won't ever forget you....


Gabe Doughty, my grandson has been working on a small boat. He constructed a model boat, a Tippee Racing  sloop. He was at the ocean, so he could sail it. Of course it's a model boat, but he did a good job  working on it. He is helping his step-dad  Randy at the boatyard in Steuben with a real big boat and restoring the cabin. I don't know much when it comes to boats. Gabe likes to be right there learning how to do the job.They live right on the ocean. Won't be long and Myrek will be toddling along too. Those two are inseparable.


THe Downer Family is Grammie's and Grampie's too..

Lindsay Grass and Chris Bragg have a baby boy , Sawyer born March 5, 2014 11:38 pm.

Here's another Little Fellar.

Nathan John Penney was born recently to John and Brooke Penney.

Here's a Great Grammie

Colton Drew Pelotte  was born to Codey Pelotte and Shelby Labranche.. Candy is the Grammie. Gee I remember when Candy was born. I am proud to announce that Sherry Lee Drew is the great grammie. Congrats to all the other grandparents,

Maple Sugar Sunday

On Saturday March 22,nd and Sunday 23rd 9-5 pm each day the Kinney's  Sugar house will be open. There will be Maple Syrup, Candies galore, Maple Cotton Candy, etc. Come and have some Maple treats. Music on Sunday by Dave Rowe.They give some tours on Sunday. It's on Abbott Road, down past the Larrabee's Fields, keep going you will find them down in the woods.

Life At  Ease

Gee since I have been here at Wayne  and Laura's  I am getting spoiled. I got it made, life of Riley. No chores, no nothing, ,just take care of me.This is sure the life. Meals all ready, laundry done, whatever I want., what more could I possibly need. This back surgery has slowed me down though. But I am healing, just wish it were faster.I must be patient, ..

Knox Ridge

There seems to be an awful lot of coyotes on Knox Ridge, People have  been hearing them nearby, Guess the hunters need to get busy.

Here's some Birthdays :    :Happy Birthday to Tammy McCue March 13th.

Lori Richardson Rich Mar. 13th.

Irene Murch Happy 90th Mar. 13th. Irene, certainly God Bless for your 90 years.

Coyt Ingraham Mar. 15th (The Dad)

Sally Hadyniak Mar. 18t

Scott Holmes  Mar. 18th

Aimee Proulx Mar. 20th

Joyce Cronk Mar. 21st.

Rebecca Berry Mar. 21st.

Happy Birthday to all of you, and may you have many more.

Until next time,

Hope this gets printed, Have been dealing with back surgery so not at my top notch game yet. Exhausted most of time. Doing a little though.

Enjoy the nice sunny weather. I have not even been outside at all..Soon I hope. Take care.

Get Well to my friend Cathy Gurney who is very sick.

Enjoy the weather we are having now. it seems good not to have snow every.

















































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