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By Rita Doughty | Mar 14, 2014

Well  here we go for the 5th time. I tried to correct a word, off went all of my news, and I can't believe this. I had  even clicked edit and what is going on...I'm tired of this


The Gang has all gone  to China tubing to celebrate Sara's Birthday. She and her school friends. They will have lots of fun. They will have cake and Icecream when they arrive back.

I am angry...this is not me the site here is not letting me do this..Been coming up all mispelled...


Well, here I am again and trying again.

Kinney's Maple Sugarhouse

Sat. 22nd, and Sun. 23rd. Come and get some Maple Syrup, Maple candies, cotton candy. Yummy.They will do tours on Sunday. There will also be Dave Rowe with music. It's always fun to go to Kinney's.9 am-5 pm each day. The Group, 10 of them " Pinkalicious" will be having Food For The Fight, The Fight to Cure Cancer fund raiser. They will be having Maple Baked Beans,Hotdogs, Corn Chowder with Maple Corn Bread, Pink Silver Dollar Pancakes, and I don't know what all they will have. Come join the Team and eat up. Sounds good to me. The Sugarhouse is in on the Abbott Road past Larrabee's horse ring. You'll see all the cars and people enjoying getting their fresh Maple Syrup.

In Remembrance

On March 22, a Spaghetti Supper to benefit Carl Penney at 5 pm. A Raffle, 50/50 will be held. At Larrabee's Fun Event on Shibles Road. Come and help in Memory of Carl. Beverly needs our help. I hope to see a big crowd show up.

Thinking of my friend

Thinking of my friend Herb Irish who told me he is battling cancer. Hang in there Herb, your a tough one.


One of my best friends from Fairfield Unit # 14 Ladies Auxiliary passed away yesterday. Cathy Gurney was one of the sweetest persons ever. I worked with her in 4th District for along time. She was always so helpful whatever us ladies did. Rest In Peace Cathy. Love you.


Our Condolences to the Family and Friends of Karla Cook, 45, of Florida who sadly died in an auto accident in Florida. She was sister to Lisa Elkins, and daughter to Donna. We are thinking of you at this sad time.

Taking It Easy

Well I am having the Life of Riley staying with Wayne and Laura, and children in Winslow. I am not supposed to do any thing so I am taking advantage of that. I can play on the laptop, TV, do the dishes when I feel like it, or sleep right straight threw so someone else gets to do them. Do some laundry, or else sleep while that gets done too. Gee, I really got it made. Actually, I am feeling much better, just need to behave myself. Not overdo. Take my meds for the nerve pain, as I have an angry nerve. Glad I have someone to watch my house, and plow me out.

Flip Flop Hair Shop

Heidi has her new shop up and running. She has been busy. I put on a colorful halloween wig, and had the kids take my picture teasing her of my new do from her shop, of course being a joke. She is a good sport. Call and get an appointment. 722-FLIPFLOP.  She is located on 139 right before town going into Brooks. Look for her sign. Good Luck Heidi with your new business.

Until next time,

Enjoy those sunny days we are having, looks nice out there. Hope to be up and going soon. Take care all. Get well to all those not feeling well. Happy Birthday to those celebrating Birthdays.










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