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By Rita Doughty | Mar 21, 2014


The Life/Birthday remembrance for Tena Keller, will be 11am Saturday April 12 at the Freedom Congregational Church. We hope everyone can join us.She certainly was a wonderful lady. She would not be happy I put this on 'spacebook". Tena we all love you,,you were a most wonderful teacher, You started teaching back in the ole days, had all the  the hard work, heating the ole building, Making sure the children  had warm clothes. and other necessary things. We will miss you, but the cardinals keep coming to see us. That is sure your sign.


Our condolences to the family of Danny Hotham who passed away recently. He will certainly be missed by all.


Our condolences to the family of Ruth Jackson. She and her family were friends of ours when we were growing up. She will certainly be missed.She was a wonderful lady..She and Albert were friends for years,

Remembrance Supper

On this Saturday will be the spaghetti supper in memory of Carl Penney at 4:30pm at Larrabee Fun Event. There will be a raffle available. We hope to see many of you there! Come and help Beverly, she needs your support.

Get Well

Get well wishes to our good friend Betty Jo Spinney. Hope you get well soon!Love ya Peaches.

Coming Soon

The spaghetti supper and birthday celebration for Shirley Bessey will be sometime next month. More details later. We have not forgot.

Basketball Tournament

There will be a basketball tournament this weekend at Mount View High School. March Madness championship will start at 8am. My granddaughter Katie will be among the kids playing. There will be many kids and teams playing there. "Hello Mr. Breau! I hope you are there!" From Wayne's Kids! I can't make it, too long to sit. Good Luck to all  the teams. Have fun.

Maple Syrup Sunday

Kinney's Sugar House will be open March 22 and 23 at 9am to 5pm. There will be Food for the Fight by the Pinkalicious Group to find a cure for cancer. They have a team of 10. They will be serving maple homemade baked beans, hotdogs, maple corn bread, pink silver dollar pancakes and beverages. There will be a craft table. There will be tours and music on Sunday by Dave Rowe as well. Come and enjoy some maple cotton candy, maple syrup and maple candy. They have all kinds of goodies to sell.

Until next week enjoy the weather! Haha! Hopefully it will get warmer! It's supposed to be spring now! I'm tired of shoveling. Thanks John and JoAnne for shoveling for me!I I  appreciate the help. Not fun to get old. Soon the students go to London, Good luck to them.

Get well wishes

Thanks to all of you who have called, or sent me a Get Well Card....It is most appreciated. My  back surgery is getting better.

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