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By Rita Doughty | Mar 30, 2014

Home At Last

I made it home to Knox Saturday night. I have stayed in Winslow with Wayne, Laura, and the children, Cody, Sara, Katie, and David. I have been there for over a month. It was not a happy occasion to be home either, I cried when I left their home, and cried when I went to get ready for bed missing the kids who checked on me every night, had late night talks, and just plain bonded with Grammie. We have set up a monthly sleep over a couple of nights a month for Grammie to be there with the kids. I can hardly wait, I miss them so much already. Thank goodness for Grandkids, and sleep overs. I am blessed with 11 grandchildren, and 2 great granddaughters.


I have a great granddaughter, Annabelle Lavett Wood born to Kayla and Kevin Wood on March 29, 2014. She was born at 9:55am and weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. Now the best part of this birth is that Grammie Tonja delivered her at home. Those little ones don't wait for no one or nothing. The ambulance did show up, but Annabelle was all set thanks to her Grammie. Kevin  and Tonja  Doughty are the paternal  grandparents.  Paternal great grandparents are .Rita Doughty, Linwood Sr., and Karen Doughty. Also paternal great grand parents are Gordon and Patricia Wood.  Maternal grandparents are Clyde Peak, Angelina Harvey, and great grandparents are Linda Gilmore Harvey, and David Harvey. Congratulations to all.

Thank You

Beverly  Penney and family would like to thank everyone that attended the supper in Memory of Carl Saturday evening. For all the support of the raffle, and all those that came and helped in any way. Thanks again, it was most appreciated. Carl was a Veteran who was a member of Benjamin Berry Post 50 and served his country. He certainly loved his race horses. He will be missed by all who knew him.

His graveside services will be May 16th at 11 am at Knox Ridge Church Cemetery.

Thank You

The family of Karla Cook would  like to thank everyone that has supported their family since Karla's trajic accident. Thanks to everyone, it was most appreciated.


Next American Legion and Auxiliary meeting is April 11, 2014 at 7 Unity Post 50.


Our thoughts and condolences to the family of " Butch Frost " who passed away recently. Thinking of his family. He will be missed by all who knew him. To Carol and Family haven't forgotten your family after all these years.

Get Well

Get well wishes are being sent to Virgil Thompson who was injured recently. Prayers and thoughts to you.

Get Well

Thinking of you thoughts to Joyce Bailey Thompson who hasn't felt very well lately either. Get better soon. Prayers to you.


Since I have been gone from the house over a month, I am all confused on the dates. Forgot the clocks needed to be set ahead, and what a time I've had. Wayne come rescue me..

Thinking of you

I would like to send a Thinking of You to Coral " Tootsie " Furrow who faithfully reads the Journal. Hope you are ok.

Happy Birthday

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my good friend John Cushman down in Searsmont. .I was invited to his  home with the family, but I didn't feel good enough to go .Next time John , and I'll come visit with you. Hope you have many more birthdays.

Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Birthday to our Mountain Man neighbor Bernie Thomas. I hope you had a great day. Bernie is a Veteran, and I hope your day was a great one. Thanks for serving your Country from me.

Ice Build up

After about 4 or 5 bags of Ice melt I can finally see the cement walk way again. And I am glad it is raining here. It is helping to melt it faster. Spring, you must be on the way.. What a mess. I never thought of leaving the melt to put out with JoAnne. But thanks to all who plowed and shoveled for me. I deeply appreciate all that has been done for me. .I am not supposed to be doing anything.

Until next time,

It is good to be home, but as I said it is too quiet without the kids. They were always busy with sports, but would always check in on me several times a day, and evening no matter where they were. My son and daughter both working, but always took time to make sure I was ok. That means a lot.

London Trip

Congratulations to all those that were able to go on the school trip to London. To Lori and son Kevin Davidson who went. And to Ann Hubbard who attended so that her son Bryce Hubbard was able to go too. Bryce has Williams syndrome so his Mom had to accompany him  I hope everyone has a good trip

Thank You

Thank you to Tammy McCue who loaned me her new laptop so to submit my news column for the week. Thanks, and I love you Tammy. You are a kind hearted soul.


On Wednesday I attended a Celebration of Life for Cathy Gurney at Lawry Bros. in Fairfield. There was a big crowd that attended and was at the Fairfield Post 14 for food, and socializing after. Cathy has a big family., and many friends. You will be sadly missed. Cathy was my American Legion Auxiliary  sister for a very long time. I shall miss all your help.,and certainly miss you.

Mount View Graduate

Rodney Downer III has just recently graduated from basic training in the Air Force. He is the son of Rodney Downer II,,and  Julie Downer, and Annette Campbell. Congratulations.

Funny Incident

Today, not thinking I could not figure out what ailed my clocks I changed the batteries, the time, the power flickered off and on several times. Then it dawns on me, the time had been set ahead one hour while I was out of my home. Honestly, never even gave it a thought.

Good News

The Town of Freedom voted to give the Pleasant Hill Cemetery Assoc. the requested $1200.00

Cemetery News

The Pleasant Hill Cemetery Assoc. Semi-Annual meeting will be held on April 14, 2014. at 6:30 pm. This meeting is for all lot owners or representatives thereof. The meeting will be held at the Annex Building next to Freedom Town Office  Any info please call me 382-6783. Leave message and I will return your call.


Several folks  and children are in sunny Florida enjoying the sunshine, swimming pool, hot tub, and sight seeing. Good for them, And for once I might even wish I was there myself. Tired of the cold here.


On April 12th there will be a Celebration of Life/ Birthday celebration in Memory of our Beloved Tena Keller. Ma, Gram, Grammie, and friend, whatever you called her she loved her family and friends. It will be at 11 am at the Freedom Grange Hall. Please plan to attend.Please note change of gathering place.

Birthday Gathering Spaghetti Supper

On April 12, at 4 pm the Birthday Party for Dr. Shirley Bessey will be held at Mt. View High School. The Spaghetti Supper starts at 5 pm. This celebration is from the one that was cancelled previously. The donations will help with the Thor-Nox Educational center. Please try to attend. There will be a Square Dance after supper. Info call Meg.323-4677. 50/50 and Silent Auction. Come and help Dr. Bessey celebrate her 89th Birthday.





























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