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By Rita Doughty | May 22, 2014

Holiday Weekend

This is Memorial weekend. Have a safe Holiday. Remember our fallen Heroes. All gave some, and some gave all.

Happy Birthday

I am wishing Maude Ghent a Happy Birthday. I must go visit her soon. I hope you enjoy your day.

Get Well

Get well wishes to Lori Cobb. Congrats on your Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Massachusetts. I hope you are better soon.


I took my friend Gary to Togus for a meeting and BBQ. I got to meet some nice folks. It turned out to be a nice day, and no rain there. I miss going to volunteer there.


Linwood and Karen Doughty have just returned from a trip to Alaska. What a beautiful place to visit.

Football Benefit Spaghetti Supper

The Mustang Football group had a successful supper, auction, and raffle at the Varney Bldg. in Brooks.

Knox Historical Society

The members of the Society met Monday night. On the agenda was the planning of the Ox and Horse pull being planned for July 19th and 20th. This is a 2 day affair. Mark your calendar.

Katahdin Boat Trip

On June 7th the Testimonial for American Legion Commander John Hargreaves, and Dept. Aux. President Georgine Butman will be held in Greenville. This will be on board of the boat, the Katahdin. It sounds like a grand time for all. The Captain is Georgine's husband, Bruce. I believe, it is the 100th Anniversary of the boat, aka the Kate.


I know with all the rain we have had, the cemeteries are getting mowed as quickly as possible. Have patience folks.


I attended the 2nd Graders Concert at Winslow Elementary School for my grandson, David. They sang songs, Respect, and Being As Good as You Can Be., among others. They had fun. He was so proud he got to wear a tie.

Get Well

I am sending Get Well Wishes to my cousin, Carleton Stewart, Jr. in Florida. He had back surgery, and suffered a heart attack during the surgery. He is somewhat improved at this time.

Get Well

Get Well Wishes to Bob Richardson at Leisure Court. He is not feeling good at this time .Here's hoping you get better. You need to go fishing, and get some fiddleheads.

New Home

Congrats to Shawn and Melissa Turner, and boys who have a new home on Rt. 220, near the Cemetery in Montville. Good for you folks. May you be happy in your new place.


Hello Sally!!! I hope you are enjoying your travelling and visiting in the Sunny South.

Public Supper

The next Knox Grange Supper on June 21st will be Roast Beef and all the trimmings.


There isn't much to report on this week. Everyone who has a garden has been trying to get it ready. We have had a lot of rain. Wildfires out West. I still haven't been able to contact Dino., he's in California somewhere.


I read where a tractor trailer load of Bee Hives was headed for Maine, but over turned  in Delaware and spilling the bees onto the highway. Millions of bees swarming. They destroyed lots of them with the fire hose. What a shame. How many farmers go without the bees to pollinate their crops ??

Young Child Author

Lydia Schofield aka JoJo Thoreau, 9 yr's. old, is an Author of the book, Bendy Wendy. It is a rhyming book. She has three other projects she is working on. She went to the Wilton school to visit the 55 1st Graders there to share her story. Her book will be available in hard copy the end of September. Her website is It will be interesting to see what else she has in store for us. Good job Lydia. Look her up on the web.

Cemetery Mowing Job

Marcus Lowe has the job of mowing the Pleasant Hill Cemetery now. He says that it will be ready by Memorial Day. Hopefully it doesn't rain every day steady until then.


Did you ever see so many dandelion blossoms ? They seem to be every where. I only got one mess of greens. Not happy about that though. I love the greens, and only when they first come out. Now to cook my fiddle heads I bought. One batch is enough for me.

Community Service

The Seniors have to do at least 3 hours of Community Service to graduate.,I believe. Call the school, and maybe they can set you up for some free yard work. You never know.

Veterans Appreciation Night

This is at 5 pm tonight, for Veterans. It is at the Tarrantine Tribe Building in Belfast. Doors open at 4 pm, Spaghetti Supper at 5 pm. Door prizes for Veterans. Musical entertainment.

Until next week,

Enjoy the days we hope to have with sunny weather. Take care all. Think Sunshine !! Be careful if you have to travel this Holiday weekend. Remember our fallen soldiers, and attend a parade in the area. Support our Soldiers serving all over the World. We remember the 133rd in Afghanistan. Stay safe. God Bless America.








































































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