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By Rita Doughty | Jul 18, 2014

Hello Everyone !

I have been so busy I did not get my news on here to read early at all. I actually got to go to the movie theater twice this week. On Tuesday I took the Doughty kids and Cassidy to Waterville, and Wednesday the Doughty kids went to Belfast to the movies with me. Now that was a landmark trip for me as I had not been to the Colonial Theater in Belfast since I was a kid. I had never been to Waterville. As you can see I don't attend movies. I would rather watch them at home. Guess I'm considered an ole lady. Ole fashion as well. Oh yeah.

Birthday Party

On Saturday Meredith Murch celebrated her 84th Birthday with a gathering at Tom's pond. There were twenty present, and everyone had a great time. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday Meredith, and may you have many more.

Today July 18th...Special Birthday

Today is the official 102nd Birthday of Lillian Bishop. She has 102 grandchildren, great, and great great grandchildren. Oh my, Lillian these family members are sure Blessed to have you in there lives. Glad to know you celebrated a wonderful birthday. Thanks Patty Bishop for the news of your grandmother.

Upcoming this Weekend...July 19-20

Grange Supper

This Saturday July 19th, Knox Station Grange will serve A Baked Ham Supper at 4:30-6 pm. The usual Menu will be served. They are expecting you.

Horse and Oxen Pull.

Horse and Oxen Pulls at Larrabee's to benefit the Knox Historical Society. Open early at 7am  Weigh-In for Horses 7-9 am Saturday to start off the weekend.  Oxen on Sunday weigh-In at 7:30 am, and starts at 9:30am.. Sat.,9 am  The Joy Valley Riders will hold a Horse Show. There will be Paula Yodelling at 11:30 and Ermal aka John Wayne with her. Noon is the Chicken BBQ. Sunday is Oxen Pulls. Stick Horse Barrel Race at 12:30, Goat Ribbon Race at 1:15 Fry Pan Throw at 2 pm, Garden Tractor Blindfold Obstacle Course at 3 pm, and Pig Scramble at 4 pm. Subject to change. Concessions open. Admission $5.00, under 12 Free. Come and check this out.

Benefit For Thompson Family

Cassandra and Fred Thompson are back in town now. There will be a Benefit for them at Bowen's Tavern July 26th. They are recuperating from their motorcycle accident. They have two young children. They have to have a lot of help each day. Get Well Soon. Yard Sale, and other events.


Gabe, Sara, Katie, and David have been here with me this week. They always have fun. Gabe went with them as well, and they all went to North Pond fishing. Of course with the hot humid weather they all enjoyed the swimming pool.

Curra's Farm Stand

The  farm stand in town has quite a few fresh vegetables now.  Onions, tomatoes, potatoes, green and yellow beans, beet greens, swiss chard, cucumbers, to name a few. Joyce Thompson will greet you with a Smile.

Frye Mt. Horse and Wagon Tour

This benefit for the Montville Historical Society will be Sept. 28th. The details have not been disclosed yet. Elmin Mitchell is heading this up. Stay tuned for details as I get them. A fun time for all. Reservations required. There will be A Walking Tour planned this year to go by way of Sunny Side Cemetery. I call it the back side of the Mt., but it depends on who you are talking to as Ralph says the front side. More on this later too.

American Legion Aux. Fall Conference

The Fall Conference will be held in Rockland this year on Sept.27th. More details later.

Bus Driver

Gabe got to see his old bus driver Leroy Trull today. He used to pick Gabe up on Bragdon Road in Montville. Leroy was an awesome person and made sure Gabe got  dropped off here as well. Thanks !!


I got to visit with Tonja and the kids this week. I saw Annabelle, and she is now 4 months old. Time flies.

Until next week,

There is not much news to report. I guess everyone is busy. The farmers are haying in between the rain drops. It seemed good to get the humidity passed by, and better weather out there. We really needed the rain as it was real dry.

We are still searching for old photos of homesteads, and people from long ago. Keep us in mind for a copy of them. Call me with your news items. Our neighbors, and out of State family and friends love to read about what you are up to. Thank You !























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