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By Rita Doughty | Oct 09, 2016

Hello All,

What a day today, the Frye Mt. Tour with the horses and wagons...2 wagons full of people today to check out the sights on the Mtn. Paula Leavitt, and Ken Lamson with their teams and wagons. Thanks to all that attended. Paula hosted this to fund raise for the Troy Church Steeple Fund Restoration. Sorry that Clayton Larrabee was unable to attend. Nice to have Hartley Curtis and Roy Ward stop by with Bobby for a visit. It was wet, cold, and rainy but everyone managed to have a good time. Several people were not able to go for lack of room, sorry that happened. Thanks again !!!

News from the Town Office:

Absentee Ballots are now available for the General Election to be held Nov. 8, 2016. You may vote absentee now through Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016. Stop by the office or call 568-3907. If you need to register to vote you may do so at the Office up to, and including Election Day.

Waldo County 4-H

The Waldo County 4-H Leaders Association is hosting a benefit for the 4-H program in Waldo County. A live Auction at the Belfast Boathouse on Oct. 15th from 2-6 PM. Items have been generously donated from local businesses, and all proceeds will go directly to the Waldo County 4-H program.

Get Well

Here's hoping that Gladys Kennedy gets well soon.

Upcoming events:


The American Legion Auxiliary Dept. of Maine President Veronica Rokosny Gurney, and Alt. 4th District President Robin Turek will be visiting Unit 50 Unity Ladies Auxiliary on Friday October 14th at 7 PM. All members welcome to attend.

Knox Grange Last Supper

Well, here it is The Last Supper for the Season,  Saturday Oct. 15th 4:30 - 6 PM There will be Baked Ham, Roasted Turkey and Roast Beef with veggies, mashed potatoes, gravy, cole slaw, baked beans, rolls, and more, plus dessert. Come and have a great delicious meal.

Tedy's Day Care 5K

At the Ballfield behind the Knox Town Office Sat.,  Oct. 15th 9 AM

Jamie's Paint Night

Come, have fun and Paint at the Stonecrest on Weds.  Oct. 19th 5:30 - 7:30 PM Contact Jamie Randall if you wish to join in. Call 716-6290 or 568-3127. This is a fund raiser.

Long John BBQ  and A Competition , as well.

A big BBQ is being planned on Oct. 15th at 12 Noon at Unity Raceway. Bring your chair. All kinds of food to eat, and people competing in the BBQ so there will be plenty of Meats, Chicken  BBQ'd  up to choose from,  Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Salads, Desserts, and much more . This is for Tammy Shaw, wife of Scooter Shaw as she battles her cancer once again. Let's help get a big crowd to attend....please share the info.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

All Flowers, and things you wish to keep must be removed from the Cemetery Lots by Sunday, Nov 13th. After that they will be removed. Thanks !!

Under The Lights

It seems so good for the youngsters to be able to play sports under the lights at Larrabee Field. Friday night Mt. View HS Boys Soccer Team played MCI. The game ended with a tie 2-2, with overtime.

A Good Friend

Get Well to my friend, Jody Cushman in Searsmont. I hope you feel better very soon. Thinking of you. Kick that cancer in the butt !!!

Election, That is All We Hear

I have never heard so much hate and discontent in my life. Lord help us. I barely turn on the TV anymore.

Halloween Party

The Freedom Boosters and Recreational Committee is hosting a Halloween Party for the kiddos on Sunday, Oct. 23rd 6-8 PM at the Town Office Annex. Contact Cindy Abbott for info. Sounds like fun.

Fryeburg Fair

The Fair has been ongoing, and many people have attended. Kinney's Sugarhouse folks have also been there.

Get Well...In Boston

Here's sending good wishes to June Raven who is in Boston for treatment. Get Better soon !!

Curra Farm Stand

Last Day on Monday, October 10th 10 AM- 5 PM Come finish up your Farm Shares, Get some fresh veggies, apples, pumpkins, squash and more before they close for the season.


Still working on gathering up pictures for the Calendar. If a photo is copied, sometimes it cannot be used...if it has been copied too many times. Dr. Shirley Bessey...came to see you Saturday evening, but no response from you, perhaps you were gone. Got your pictures for you.

Until Next week,

Get Well to all not feeling good. A flu-like bug is going around...It seems like it is always something to deal with. Guess it is the season now. Happy Birthday to those having a Birthday. Pay it forward, a nice gesture to do. Take care all from the little place we call KNOX....


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