By Rita Doughty | Jun 18, 2017

Hello All,

Well, another American Legion Auxiliary  Convention down in history. Our fund raising was great this year..The Winner of the 50-50 Raffle of $1155.00 was Oxford ALA Unit 112..Congrats to them. The Winner's of the 7 DDVPres. Baskets were..Units 1, Unit 40, Unit 82 and Unit 139. Other's were, Barbara Kasiola, Lisa Wheeler and Lisa Gillespie. Congrats !!!


Congrats to Kaala Moody and Nate Wilson who were married on Saturday.

Soccer Championship Game

Sara and Katie Doughty were among those playing Soccer on the CMU Central Maine United U17 Team. They beat the Brunswick Team in the Bowdoin College Coastal Summer Challenge winning in penalty kicks. They tied 1-1 in regulation and it went to penalty kicks to decide the Championship. Each had 5 kickers and all 5 of the Team Sara and Katie were on made it. 4 of the other team made it, so the girl's team had 2-1 final score.

Off the Appalachian Trail

For those asking me, this is what I know..Robert Esposito " Espo " had to come off the Trail after 140 miles in..the end of March.  He had a couple of tears, and a broken bone. So with his broken leg he was not able to continue on. He wants to try it again sometime, and I hope he can. He is taking it easy., well hopefully, it is hard to keep a good man down.  He had a Tour bus recently at the Unity Pond Pottery business for a Tour and demonstrations. I bet they had a great time. Him and Wendy do an awesome job there in Unity.

American Legion Auxiliary

Membership Theme for this year is The Race Is On For Membership, We Are Heading Towards The Triple Crown. Our 4th District horse is Whirlaway,  winner in 1941. and our color is yellow again. Welcome to Hobart Downs, In memory of Edith Hobart, the 1st American Legion National President. This will be a fun year. It was funny to see our Dept. Sec. Michelle McRae come our prancing with her horses's head on, and tail. Oh yeah !! Nothing like having fun. Congrats to all our Officer's. And to 4th District new President Michelle Grover Colby. I received a couple of awards.

President Project

President Project for Dept Pres. Ann Durost is POW/MIA Bricks for all 480 missing from all Wars from the State of Maine. We have 11 in Waldo County. I have donated my check from 4th District to purchase a brick, which will be a Memorial at the Dept. Headquarters in Winslow. This was given to me as a gift for all the years I was Secretary and Treasurer. Robin Turek will take my place as I need a break. She will get updates on the computer, our records. This will be good. Pres. Ann has a big Banner with all the names and info. Hopefully money can be raised to get all the bricks in place.

UF-FA Meeting

The next meeting for the Reunion Alumni Committee is June 27th at 1 PM at Freedom Town Office Annex. 11:30 AM Lunch at Ridgetop. If you have ideas or info please join in. Working on getting the Invitations out.

Thinking of You

Thinking of Mary Knox. Hope you are doing well.

Until next week,

I am exhausted after this weekend. I got some veggie plants planted thanks to a friend, cukes, tomatoes, and peppers. Take care all, the kids are out of school in places and some not yet. Enjoy your Summer. Be Safe. I noticed a big turtle crossing 220 tonight. So nice the Kanokolus Beach and area are getting a new facelift. There were many there for the Bass Tournament. It is nice to see picnic tables, grills, and more for the children too. Nice job, Unity.

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