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By Rita Doughty | Dec 28, 2012



Well, we finally got some more snow, I'm guessing 8 inches here at least. The storm dumped snow, and the wind sure did blow, and it was very cold out. No power outage, so that was a great thing. The grandkids played, barely noticing the weather.


Sara, Katie, David and Gabe spent a couple days here visiting with me. They always have fun times when they get together. Gabe got to stay longer.

Dunkin Donuts

Yeah, that is right ! The new Dunkin Donuts shop is open on Depot Street now. Great coffee, and donuts galore.

Future 3 / Alumni Games

The Alumni Basketball Players, men and women, will be playing the Mount View High School Teams on Jan. 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the high school. Twenty-four men are signed up, and they need three more women.. Practice is at 4 p.m. on the same night. They will be drawing the raffle that night as well for the four-wheeler. Get your tickets, still on sale. C'mon ladies, can't let the guys show you up, gotta fill the roster out.


A happy second birthday to Addyson Davis, daughter of Tisha and Derek. Hope you have lots of fun!


Wardens are urging people to use caution and to stay safe. The ice is still not safe in places. We went by Sanborn Pond Wednesday and could still see open water. My opinion, stay off the areas where there is water, as it has not been cold enough to freeze it solid. We have had a lot of rain. Please don't be a statistic.


Not much for news as I did not hear from anyone. Everyone is still recovering from our Christmas holiday.  Hope you avoid the flu bug going around now.   Happy New Year to all! May you have good health, have peace, and have time to enjoy family, and have lots of great friends. Until next year, stay warm. Be happy and smile.Thanks to all of my readers.

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