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By Rita Doughty | Feb 01, 2013



I reported that Yeaton's was closing, they are not. They are open for business. Yeaton's Service and Supply on Main Street in Albion is going strong. Thanks, Harry, for the notice. I am sorry for the blunder. Stop by, folks, and check out the business.

New arrival

On Jan. 27, James Arthur McKenney entered this world. He is the son of Derek McKenney and Heather Leach, and brother of William. He weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces. Derek is from town, and they live in Waldo. Welcome, little one.

VFW Northport

A craft fair will take place at the Northport VFW Hall on Feb. 23. For more info, call 323-2982 or 338-2414.

Gas prices

The fuel prices at the local pumps have taken a rise again. A gallon of gasoline is $3.69 now.

Old mill

I enjoyed the story of the rehabilitation of the old grist mill in Freedom Village. It looks like quite a project that is coming to life. Nice to see the place come back.


I had supper last night with friends Bob and Ann Richardson in Unity. This is the third time I have typed this up, I keep losing it out in cyberspace somewhere, so very frustrating. I am done.

The rain and high winds took all of our snow off and the ground is bare again. Power was out for a while. We didn't seem to have much damage here. Now for the mud again. It will freeze up soon. I am sure the groundhog must have seen his shadow. Sunny day today, and soon it will be spring. Until next time, take care. Hopefully, the flu has slowed down.

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Posted by: Rita Doughty | Feb 01, 2013 12:10

Sorry Sarah for the column typed up and I don't know how to straighten it out. I did it three times and got tired of doing it over. I must learn how to save it as I go, kept going back to the home page where I need to sign in for some reason. I do not know this modern technology stuff. Have a great day.

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