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By Rita Doughty | Mar 01, 2013


Town Office news

On Friday, Mar. 15, polls will be open from 4-8 p.m. for the purpose of voting for the position of first selectman. Galen Larrabee is the only one who has taken out papers for the job. Town Meeting will be Saturday, Mar. 16, at 10 a.m. There ae openings for volunteers for the Appeals Board, Planning Board, cemetery committee, and the Knox Historical Society is looking for members as well. Anyone who is interested should notify someone at the Town Office, or speak to one of the selectmen.

Spring Is near

I am told that it is near time for the maple syrup season to begin. There is nothing any better than fresh maple syrup for your pancakes, French toast and the like.


I was so happy to see the pair of red cardinals back at the feeder this morning. Apparently, I am not looking early enough, and they come real early to feed. Probably because there are so many bluejays to drive them away. Of course, there are those pesky gray squirrels and the little red squirrels scurrying about. It is fun to watch the birds, though. Now I know how much my folks used to enjoy the birds. I am getting to enjoy them myself.


Wow, that is so addicting to be on Facebook. I have reunited with family on there that I hadn't seen nor heard from in ages. It is easy to contact each other and stay in touch. I always hated to write letters.


Hello to my Aunt Elsie, miss you and love you.

Hello to Lori and David Montminy, who are in Florida visiting with her mother, Viola Elkins, and Gary for the past week. Hope they enjoyed the beautiful weather there. Bring some sunshine and warm weather back with you.


The Maine State Grange is promoting Maine agriculture in the classroom. On Mar. 18-22 volunteers will read and give books to 700 pre-kindergarten through fourth-grade students across the state. The book, "Dairy Farming for ME," was funded by various groups. Maine State Grange members will participate as readers. This sounds like lots of fun for the students.


Congratulations to Garret Hubbard, who is now home for good with his wife, Ann, and his family. No more deployments for him. Nice going, Garret. Hope you are feeling better, Ann, since your fall. Get well soon.

District meeting

On Sunday, Mar. 10, at 1 p.m., the American Legion Auxiliary Ladies District meeting will be held at the Belfast Post # 43. Them meeting will be followed by refreshments. This is our election of officers, please try to attend. If you are interested in an office, let your wishes be known at this meeting. Hope to see many of you there.

Get well

My friend Colleen Oliver Stoddard is back in Boston to be with her husband, Tony. Tony is in rehab now since he was burned in December. He hopes to be coming home to Danforth soon. Get well, Tony, you have come a long way. Colleen used to live in Monroe and P.E.I. Hoping you both will be back in Maine very soon.

New business

Miranda Doughty had started a house-cleaning business and would love to hear from folks who need her services.


Congratulations to Sue Friend and Craig Harnish, who will be married on Mar. 9.

Family visit

On Monday Gabe left to go home after spending several days here and visiting with his cousins, and sister Ali too. They all had a grand time at the sliding party at the Doughtys' field and birthday celebration after. I was told there were about 50 people involved.

Until next week

Don't forget Daylight Saving Time Begins Mar. 10. A time to set the clock ahead one hour. As I am writing this, it has begun to snow again. Stay warm, folks, as spring is just around the corner. Take care, all, see you next week.

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