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By Rita Doughty | Jul 11, 2014

Hello Everyone !!

What a beautiful, sun shiny day this is as I write this. The humidity has gone for a spell, I hope it stays away for a while. The day started off with a ride up to Frye Mt., ( I love that place ) with Margene Stewart Johns, and Darolyn Johns Doughty. We were  to do an interview relating to what we knew about Frye Mt., the land that was taken over by the Federal Government from our own families., etc. Our Stewart family sold out their big beautiful farm buildings for a mere $ 600.00 I was told. I have a photo of the buildings, and it was sad to know this happened when my Aunt Margene, my mother, Evelyn and siblings were just young children. My grandmother, Christine Walker Stewart,  was a widow, and I am sure they made her think what a sweet deal it was. Gram used to tell me how hard it was to get by in those days. She used to live with us,( later years ) and I loved the fact that she stayed in my room with me at one time. Can you imagine a little young girl putting cold cream on her face at night ?? because Gram did it. Yep, I did. Maybe that is why I don't have as many wrinkles on my face as I should. HaHa!! I also remember my Gram taught my siblings how to play poker, and other card games. She also taught my sons as well. I never liked to play cards at all. Margene was young, but she remembered the life there, and the Carter School. We also remembered going up to the Fire Tower. I was sad when they hauled it away. I also remember the Frye Mt. name change I protested with several ladies. It ended up staying Frye Mt., and Dedicated to Gene Letourneau. Our ancestors would have rolled over in their graves had the mountain name been changed. It was exciting to be part of this documentary. Thanks Montville Historical Society for the invite to share our heritage with you. I will be glad to see the finished project.

Happy Birthday

On July 15th Laurel Drew will welcome his 88th Birthday. Happy Birthday to you !!


Our condolences and thinking of you thoughts to the family of Madeline Blanchard who recently passed.

Belated Birthday

A very Happy 80th Birthday to Dickie Yeaton. He works at Ingraham Equipment. He is always busy, and driving trucks around with equipment. Hope you have many more

This weekend events: July 13th

Freedom Grange members are having a Yard Sale, 50/50, Antique Car Show, and Chicken BBQ. They also have the Frye Mt. Band with Dick Philbrook coming to play music. This ought to be fun. The Chicken BBQ is always so good as the American Legion fellars from Unity cook it up to perfection.

Summer Meal Program

Parents and students, and Adults don't forget the Breakfast Meal at 7:30-8:30 am and Lunch Meal at 11:30-12:30 am. Kids 18 and under Free. Adults a small fee. At Mt. View Cafe. Info Alison @ 568-4607.

Beginners Dance Lessons

Learn to dance Country Dancing, Line Dancing, Two-Step, and Waltz. Mon. and Wed. 7-9 pm  Starts Sept. 15-Oct. 13. Holly Parker, Instructor. 10 slots available. Info: 568-3426 .Cost is $49.00. This is through Adult Ed. I believe.


Raven's are still picking strawberries. And Don Orff has Strawberries. Call for info. Raven's last day is Monday, July 14th...

Looking For Photos

Does anyone who worked at Belfast Mfg. in the late 50's, early 60's have photos of David Brown?? His son, Reb Brown is looking for pictures of his father. Maybe someone reading this will have photos of Dave to share.

Thinking of You

I was remembering Mary Jean Thompson Smith recently. Darolyn and I never made it to visit her to check on old photos.  She had some of the home places we both knew about in our families. We were cousins.

Next Weekend July 19-20

The two day event Horse Pulls Saturday,  and Oxen Pulls Sunday. More events both days. Call Knox Hist. Society Pres. Clayton 568-3475 for info. This benefits our Historical Society.

Mark Your Calendar

On August 17th Freedom Academy and UniFree Alumni Reunion. Starts at 11 am. Masonic Building in Unity. Recognizing Alumni of 50 and 60 years or more. There will be other presentations as well. Rita's Catering will be serving the Luncheon. Reservations is a must for lunch. I have a form if you notify me, or call and I will mail it to you Or call Pansy Porter. Contact me for her number. We will have John Ford, Retired Game Warden, and Mark Nickerson, Retired State Trooper there as honored guests. They will tell us some tales, all true adventures. They will also have their books there for sale. Now, from what I have heard this is a riot. Come join in.

Frye Mt. Tour

On Monday night I will attend a meeting, and Elmin Mitchell will let us know the details of the Tour this year. Stay tuned for more info. Elmin is in charge of this. There will probably be at least 6 horse and wagons for riders.

Get Well

Laura Stewart aka Annie Oakley was riding her horse the other day, and she apparently took a picture with her phone, and the flash spooked her horse. She fell off the horse, and the horse landed on her.She says she never dropped her phone though. She had the misfortune to fracture her pelvic bone. Get Well Soon Laura. She is on crutches and one tough cookie. We all are hoping you are better very soon.

Get Well To Another

Penny Picard Sampson is still at Maine Med. Center in Portland. She  has been there for several surgeries for the past month and a half. Penny is doing better now, and able to have phone calls and visits. Here's hoping you will soon be able to come home. I know she loves those young male nurses though.

Get Well Hank...

Get well to Hank Elkins who had knee surgery. Hope you are better real soon.

Racing those Cars

Well, I will be darned Ole'  Boss Hogg raced at Wiscasset Raceway and he won the Late Model Division. Way to go Dave.!! You still have got what it takes.

Open House

The Chase Farm is having an Open House on Friday July 18th, rain or shine. They have all kinds of vegetables growing, and a huge flower garden. It is so pretty to go by  and see all the flowers  blossomed out. A small fee is charged. There will be more Gardens open as well. They have a lovely restaurant in Belfast. They are online at More info at 948-2815 about Open gardens. Time is 10 am-4 pm.

WWII Recognition

Laurel Drew, and Roy Ward were among the World War II Veterans recognized in Belfast on June 29th. I did manage to see Laurel in the news that evening. Laurel is the last remaining  Drew brother that entered the Armed Services when all brothers were serving except Cecil, who had gone off to work.  Thanks for serving your Country !!!

Mustang Youth Football

The youngsters have a raffle going and would appreciate it if you would purchase their tickets for the WARM UP RAFFLE . This is for $250.00 worth of heating source of your choice. Two individual drawings will be drawn.  If you win it will go to your vendor. Held on Oct. 25th.

Pig Scramble July 6th

Elliot Ingraham tried his luck in the Kids Pig Scramble and he caught a pig. He decided to have his pig auctioned off, and made a few bucks for his endeavor. His Mom is Angie, and his grandparents are Mike and Jackie Ingraham. Way to go Elliot.!! Best part was Mike getting down to help put the pig in the grain sack. Next Pig Scramble on July 20th at Larrabee's place.Get ready kids.!! Hoping for 2 pigs in each age group.


A very Happy 11th Birthday to Nicholas Nickerson. I hope you had a super day.

In Lakewood

Hanley Nickerson is at Lakewood in Waterville at this time. Get better soon !!!

Home Bound

Great news folks !! Cassandra Palmer Thompson has finally gotten back in town from her stay in the hospital. She will have some time for healing from her brain trauma she suffered from the motorcycle accident she was in. Fred is already home, and we hope his leg is healing well now too. Get Better soon. There will be a benefit for them July 26th in Waldo at Bowen's. Please help support this young couple, and their two small children.

The Moon

Did you see how big, bright and pretty that Moon out there is tonight ? It's lighting up the whole yard. I love the full moon.

In Togus VA Hospital

" Mavah" Francis Clark is at the VA Hospital at this time. We are thinking of him.


Thinking of Rollie Constable and  his family on the passing of his wife ,Sandra.

Legion And Auxiliary Meeting In Unity

Thanks Dinah Bilodeau of Mt. View H.S. Junior Class, Dirigo Girl's State Delegate who came to our meeting Friday evening to tell us of her week stay at Husson College for the G.S. program. And to the four young men, Cole Turner, John Piotti, Caleb Larrabee, and Bo Curtis who attended the Boy's State Program. Sounds like they all had a good time learning how our government works. Thanks to all !  Your attendance was greatly appreciated. I have been the Girl's State chairman for our Benjamin Berry Aux. for several years now.

Birthday Party

John Ingraham,Jr. celebrated his 86th Birthday with a party recently. There were fifty-four attending. Happy Birthday John !!!


Well I'll be, Greg Ingraham celebrated his 50th Birthday recently. ( Doubtful !) I am not sure of his age as he always tells me a number, but he could be 39 for all I  know..Happy Birthday Greg !!!

Happy 21st Birthday to Amanda Ingraham.Hope you have a great day..

Grange BBQ and Car Show Sunday

It was nice to see a good crowd at Ingraham Equip. today. There were many Antique cars and folks attending the car show. I know the folks enjoyed the Frye Mt. Band with Dick Philbrook. He is always a big hit. Lovely Country Music they play. They also had a Yard Sale Saturday. They did a 50/50 Raffle for the Thompson Family, and the lady that won gave the money back for the family. Thanks !!!


We are getting some much needed rain.

Until Next week.

Enjoy the nice days we are having  now. The  farmers are busy getting in the hay. The Liquid Manure trucks keep us all on our toes. Phew !! The little ones have been fishing, and hoping to catch a fish at Freedom Pond. My cucumber plants are finally starting to blossom. The Veggies are ready to be purchased at the Farm Stands. Enjoy some. Take care all.  The Lost Kitchen Restaurant in Freedom is open for your dining pleasure. Reservations only. The food is excellant..Join Erin soon.  This may be updated.. Thanks for reading this column.





















































































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