Laptop Booting to a Blank Screen?

Black screens with flashing cursors, missing hal.dll, operating system not found, kernel panics, spinning pinwheels or only grey screens with no apple are all symptoms of an operating system not booting, either PC or Mac.  While the symptoms could indicate a number of problems.  A complete diagnostic will often reveal the problem and allow us to provide you with an accurate estimate for the best solution.  Come see us today and let us fix your computer problems.

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About Computer Solutions

Started in April 2006 by owner Todd Gustafson, Computer Solutions has quickly become well-known to local residents and business owners, providing knowledgeable and friendly expert computer service.  Todd’s focus has always been customer service and even though Computer Solutions is growing rapidly, his mission and values have not changed.  Today, Computer Solutions provides a wide range of solutions, from simple upgrades to full-fledged repair and total web solutions.  Visit them online at, or call (207) 594-5556 for more information.

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