Late Summer Mower Maintenance Tips

Late Summer Mower Maintenance Tips:

Blades and Belts:

Summer may be almost over, but your lawnmower still needs routine maintenance to get you through the rest of the season successfully. Here are a few tips to keep your mower running at peak efficiency.

Blade Pointers:

Right about now, your mower's blade is well on its way to becoming dull. And this summer's dry, dusty conditions may have a...
ccelerated its condition. Ideally, you'll be prepared by having two sets of blades – one on the mower and the other sharpened and ready to be installed. For sharpening services, rely on the professionals at Hammond Tractor Company, or you can do it yourself. If you're a DIYer:

* Sharpen your lawnmower blade after every 8 to 12 hours of usage.

* Blades can be sharpened several times before being replaced.

* Replace your blade every 1 to 3 years, depending on usage.

Drive Belt Basics:

Your drive belt, or V-belt – the belt for power transmission – may also need some TLC. Drive belts wear and stretch over time. Here are some rules of thumb so you know when and how to replace yours.

* Regularly inspect the drive belt for nicks, cuts, cracks or signs of shredding.

* Replace a belt that's four years old or that shows any of the above signs of wear.

* Regularly check belt tension by pushing down on the belt halfway between the two pulleys the belt is routed around. If the "give" exceeds one-half inch, change the belt.

* Before you remove the old belt, take note of how it's routed around the pulleys so you can duplicate it when installing the new one.

* Refer to your mower's Owner's Manual for further details and safety tips.

To find the right replacement blades and belts, stop in an see our parts professionals!
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