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By Loyal Biscuit Co. | Jan 20, 2014

Welcome to the first Loyal Biscuit Co. blog food review post. This will become a regular series (well, until I run out of food brands to talk about. There will also be separate toy and treat reviews as well.) where each post will highlight one of the brands of pet food we sell. I will cover everything from how the company operates, where ingredients are sourced from, to which kind of pets might benefit the most from the various foods. And, of course, everything in between. Though I will focus more on the formulas we sell, I will touch on what other products the brand has as well. I will also include the star rating from Dog Food Advisor, a well regarded blog written by Mike Sagman. The first brand I’ve chosen to talk about is Canidae.

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Canidae, founded in 1996, is a 100% family owned and operated company. All of their foods and treats are made in the United States of America with their meats and meals (all from USDA inspected sources) being processed in human grade (find out what human grade means here) facilities and their grains, vegetables, and fruit are from human grade producers. Canidae also owns and operates their own research, development, and manufacturing facility; Ethos Pet Nutrition in Brownwood, Texas. At Ethos, every batch of food made is tested for pathogens on site before any finished product is shipped out.

In terms of ingredient quality, Canidae is a mid-level product: better than what you’d find at the majority of big box stores or grocery stores, but not as good as more protein dense foods like Orijen (another brand I will be talking about in a future post). All of their meats and meat meals (all of which have clearly identified protein sources) are hormone and antibiotic free and are never preserved using ethoxyquin (a chemical often linked to pesticides and used in the making of rubber). Some of the specific regions that Canidae sources their meat from are the Pacific Northwest for salmon, California for duck, and Montana and Wyoming for bison. You will often find some unique ingredients in their different formulas as well; like probiotics (helps maintain and balance intestinal flora. Think yogurt!) and yucca shidigera extract (an herb that can reduce stool and breath odor).

The formulas of Canidae we currently stock in all three locations are in what is called their Life Stages line. The foods we sell include All Life Stages for both dog and cat, Chicken Meal and Rice, Lamb Meal and Rice, and Platinum. Platinum can be fed through your dog’s whole life, but is also specifically beneficial for senior dogs due to its higher amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin which help support joint health. The most popular of the four that we sell is the Chicken Meal and Rice. We actually sell the 30lb bag for $29.99. If you had a 50lb dog and were feeding him the 30lb Chicken Meal and Rice, you would be spending only $.79 a day ($291.90 a year). Whereas, if you were feeding a grocery store brand (say, Beneful) you would be paying $1.38 a day ($506.94 a year). The reason for such a price difference is because the Canidae foods contain higher quality ingredients and less fillers; your dog will still be getting his or her fill but with a smaller portion size. The Life Stages line also features the biggest bag of dog food we have throughout all the brands, the 44lb All Life Stages.

The majority of the Life Stages line received 3 out of 5 stars from Dog Food Advisor with All Life Stages and Chicken Meal and Rice getting 4 out of 5 stars. Their analysis (which you can read more about here) concludes that the Life Stages line is mostly plant based with below-average to a moderate amount of protein ( an optimal rating would be for foods that are more protein based).

There is an additional line of foods and treats for both cats and dogs called Pure. Pure is Canidae’s grain-free line and includes formulas such as Sea which has salmon, and Land which is bison and lamb. We do not currently stock this line, but we are able to special order them for interested customers.

We generally suggest Canidae to our new customers who are looking to switch their pets to a better quality food than what they are finding in big box stores, but are looking to stay within a budget. The Chicken Meal and Rice is also a great diet for dogs that need something on the blander side due to stomach sensitivities but are still ok with grains. On the flip side, the All Life Stages offers a wider array of protein sources for variety. As mentioned before, Platinum is great for senior dogs, but is also a good option for dogs that need a lower protein and lower fat diet.

Hope you all enjoyed our first LBC pet food review! If you feed your dog Canidae, we’d love to hear what you like and possibly don’t like about it so drop us a comment on our facebook page.

Until next time, Loyal fans!

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