LBC Treat Review: Cheese Please

By Loyal Biscuit Co. | Mar 14, 2014
Photo by: Complete Natural Nutrition Check out one of our new favorite treats, Cheese Please!

Cheese; very few people can resist the delicious taste. The same goes for beasts of the four-legged variety! I can’t slice myself a piece of cheddar without having my dog Prudence underfoot. That’s why I was incredibly excited when we brought in a great new treat, Cheese Please, which contains one simple ingredient: Wisconsin cheese!

Cheese Please is made by the company Complete Natural Nutrition (CNN) whose products, including Cheese Please, are manufactured exclusively in the US. CNN’s goal is to provide “frustrated pet parents with treat solutions for pets with specific health issues like diabetes, overweight, finicky, allergies or on restricted diets.” Their overall philosophy when it comes to their treats is “less is more - simple is better.” Cheese Please is a great example of that as it really is just cheese; nothing extra.

Cheese Please are made of cheese that is sourced and then baked in Wisconsin. They are only 3 calories a treat, so they’re perfect for training or for those watching their pet’s weight. Since they are cheese, these treats are naturally soy, grain, wheat, and corn free. If you’re worried about lactose, Cheese Please are 99% lactose free (too much lactose can sometimes cause a dog to have loose stool or diarrhea). And though salt is required in the making of cheese, the amount used in Cheese Please has been reduced to as little as possible.

One maybe not so surprising fact about Cheese Please is that they are incredibly tasty, and I don’t just mean from a dog’s perspective. CNN insists that they are a “human snack disguised as a training treat that takes ‘sharing’ to a new level.” With a statement like that, you just have to give them a try right? Well, Heidi, Mel, and myself did just that and I can definitely see why CNN suggest trying them on everything from salads to soups to even eating them plain. Mel and I agreed that they were very similar to a Cheez-It while Heidi described them as “like a cheese crouton.” And, of course, all of our dogs go bonkers for them.

So if you’re looking for a great, single ingredient snack for your cheese-loving hound (or your dairy obsessed cat!), Cheese Please is the treat you need. And hey, maybe you’ll become crazy for them too.

Until next time, Loyal fans!

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Photos provided by Complete Natural Nutrition.


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