Let US "Make America Great Again!" Please.

By patrick quinn | Apr 26, 2018

The War on Drugs is raging larger and greater than ever. It is bombastic! President Nixon, Tricky Dick 1972, created the most havoc this country has seen, which is a profound statement. He created the DRUG WAR, the DEA, the schedule of drugs.

46 years later the War, the longest War in American history, is killing cops in this country, like the deputy sheriff in Somerset County. Robbery and burglary are pervasive and cancerous like I have never seen. The people committing the crimes are in need of drugs and money to buy them. I see them on the streets regularly looking for their medication. They are not thinking rationally and this is dangerous for them and for US.

This total nonsense is perpetuated by the illogical and moronic War on particular drug users. The US military protects the poppy fields in Afghanistan. This year has the largest crop ever, the photos are on YouTube. They protect the heroin that it may be shipped to America to fuel the Congressional - Industrial - Military complex which feeds the never ending war on the American people and the people of the world.

America was Great before the War on Drugs, let's make America great again. End the Drug War, end the cop killings, end the burglaries, end the robberies, end the insanity. Only vote for peaceful candidates. War is NOT the answer!!!!! Is anybody conscious out there ET? Sometimes I think we are in the world of the Walking Dead, a country run by zombies. Fake news or real news? You decide.

Donald Trumpf walks into a bar....and lowers it.

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