Letters, Aug. 21

Aug 21, 2014

Fair bear hunting

Maine is the only state in the union that still allows the cruel and unsportsmanlike practices of baiting, trapping and hunting with hounds. Your guest editor unequivocally states that “Loss of up to 93 percent of current harvest will greatly accelerate bear population growth.” However, this does not jibe with experience.

Colorado, Washington and Oregon prohibited baiting and hounding about 20 years ago. The Colorado Division of Wildlife said:

“The passage of the 1992 initiative has had no detectable adverse effects on bear hunting or bear management in Colorado. It has shown clearly that a black bear population can be efficiently and effectively managed without recourse to bait, hounds, or spring season. Hunters have learned to effectively hunt and harvest bears without using these methods and the Colorado Division of Wildlife has seen a significant increase in revenue resulting from increased bear hunting.”

What do these hunters know that Maine hunters do not?

Baiting, furthermore, tends to increase the bear population rather than otherwise, because in this artificial situation, the bears tend to mature earlier and therefore breed sooner.

Tom Beck, hunter and former bear biologist with the Colorado Division of Wildlife, says that baiting “creates 'nuisance bears.' Black bears are naturally wary, instinctively avoiding close contact with humans. But large amounts of tasty food, easily obtained, defeats this wariness. By baiting, we create lazy bears who have been rewarded, not punished, for overcoming their fear of humans,” increasing the likelihood of human-bear conflicts.

Also, the junk food piles unnaturally concentrate wildlife species, increasing the possibility of spreading disease such as rabies. This is not hunting, but slaughter. People so-minded need to apply to slaughter-houses for employment. They are certainly not hunters.

Bear hounding is cruel not only to bears, but to the dogs who are sent up against a cornered animal. Too often these dogs are treated as equipment. Dogs forced to hound bears may become lost in the chase, wounded – sometimes never recovered. Shelters see an increase in abandoned or surrendered hound dogs at the end of the hounding season.

Nearly 80,.000 Mainers signed the petition to put the Fair Bear Hunting measure on the ballot. The people opposed whom I have met have, by and large, refused to listen, dropping their little load of misinformation and scurrying away. “I've made up my mind” is the message. “Don't confuse me with facts.”

Annelisa Randall

William Randall


Thank you from Carter family

The family of Frederick Carter Jr. and Sarah Carter Thompson wants to thank all the many people who stopped to assist at the accident on June 7 in Stockton Springs. We would like to thank the Waldo County Sheriff's office, and the Stockton Springs, Bucksport and Belfast ambulance crews, and the Life Flight crew.

Thank you for all the prayers then and now as we heal and grieve. Please don't stop praying.

A special thanks to all of Becky's (Rebecca's) co-workers at Tall Pines, who put on a benefit supper and auction. Also, thank you to all those who gave extra money to help at this time.

We are reminded of the Bible verse from the story of the widow's mite: Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything, all she had to live on.”

We all thank you so, so much.

Rebecca Carter and Family


Impressed by Fulford

There is a man running for the state Senate from Waldo County who deserves to be considered. His name is Jonathan Fulford and he is a carpenter and a farmer from Monroe.

I met Fulford at a gathering in Searsport the other night and it is fair to say I was impressed.

Now I know that Republicans are almost always crooks and Democrats are usually cowards but Fulford is different. He isn't a coward and he isn't a crook. That makes him stand out from the pack.

He talks about things I am interested in. He talks about leaving the planet a better place for our grandchildren and I think that is pretty important. He talks about Medicare expansion to cover thousands of Mainers, many of them veterans, and I favor that as well. He talks about the overall fairness of the tax code and how we can make it better for the little guy. Jonathan is one of us and he will represent our needs in the Senate.

If you are tired of the way Maine has been drifting off into "teabagville," this is your chance to do something about it. Vote for Fulford for state Senate. We all will be better off if you do.

Harlan McLaughlin


Consumers Fuel Marina storm aid

All of us at Consumers Fuel Marina would like to offer a heartfelt thanks to all who came to our aid on Thursday, August 14 after the storm. We would especially like to thank Dan, Bryden and the rest of the crew at Belmont Boatworks, the folks at Front Street Shipyard, and the harbor master and her crew. Your quick thinking and hard work saved us. And many thanks to our boaters and the staff of Consumers Fuel for all of your help. We are grateful.

John and Jerri Holmes


$1,853 for Miles for Meals 5K

Thank you to the businesses and individuals who provided such wonderful support for our Miles for Meals 5K to benefit Spectrum Generations Waldo County Meals on Wheels and Belfast Soup Kitchen. We were able to raise $1,853! The following businesses provided sponsorships and contributions: SequelCare of Maine, Out of the Woods, GoodNYYou street food, Bay Wrap, Whitecap Builders, Revival Salon, Alexia’s Pizza, Coyote Moon, Bridges Home Care, Belfast Co-op and EM Wood Construction. Thank you to all who made our 2nd annual event a bigger success — in monetary donations, volunteers and participants — than our first year!

Allison K. Wood

Meals on Wheels Nutrition and Volunteer Coordinator

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