Letters, Aug. 28

Aug 28, 2014

The long view

I am 94 years old. I served in the United States Navy from 1942 to 1946. The transport ship that I was serving on in 1942 was torpedoed and sunk off the coast of Africa. I served the rest of the war on the aircraft carrier Langley in the Pacific.

Like the men I served with in World War II, I fought willingly and proudly for my country. We were defending the land of opportunity where any boy could grow up to be President and where anyone who worked hard could provide for his family. The America I fought for was where every kid was guaranteed a good public education. No matter how poor his family, a child could get an education, work hard, and make something of himself.

I don't see that today. Today families work hard, they try to save and they do everything right, but they can't get ahead. Sometimes they can't even get by.

It's not like this everywhere. I read the news. Some states are doing well and others are not. Maine is not.

Anyone can see why Maine isn't doing as well as other states. It's because Gov. LePage and the politicians who always vote his way, like Sen. Thibodeau of Waldo County, push policies that hurt us. The big tax cut for wealthy people they're always boasting about left the state strapped for cash, and then they used that as an excuse to cut education, cut the circuit breaker, and cut revenue sharing that helps keep our property taxes down.

It’s like Robin Hood backwards, stealing from the poor to give to the rich. They said it would stimulate the economy, but it hasn't and it won't. It hurt our economy. When you give big tax breaks to rich people there's no guarantee they'll use the extra money to hire another gardener or buy a Maine-built boat.

It's more likely they will put it in a Swiss bank account, or invest it in Dubai, or buy a vacation house in Florida. But if you keep money in the pockets of working families here in Waldo County, they spend it at Tozier's, or Reny's, or hire a local man to fix their roof. That's what gets a local economy going.

My family and I are going to vote for Mike Michaud for governor and Jonathan Fulford for state senator from Waldo County. Fulford works for a living. He understands that letting the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is not good for our economy. He knows that when working Mainers earn enough money to provide for their families, that is what will create jobs. The governor and his friend Thibodeau have it exactly backwards.

Louis Ares Sr.


Supporting Fulford, environment

I want clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. I want regulations to protect all citizens of Maine from toxic chemicals seeping into the air and ground water. I want laws to keep toxins out of products we buy. I also want to know what is in the food we eat, and I support GMO food labeling.

I am concerned about climate change and believe we should support and subsidize solar/wind/wave energy development to the same extent oil and gas industries are supported and subsidized. Cutting carbon emissions becomes more critical every year; more sustainable sources of energy must become our energy of wisest choice.

In the last three years, Mike Thibodeau has voted “no” 13 times on bills to protect people and the environment.

If you feel the same way about these issues, and want to say “no” to the current administration’s push for development at any price, please join me in voting for Jonathan Fulford for state Senate.

Fulford is running as a Clean Elections candidate so he won’t be beholden to campaign funders. He won’t have money to pay for media advertisements, unlike his opponent who will have plenty of Tea Party money to fund his media blitz.

Fulford will work to help small businesses increase employment opportunities while preserving the environment and the beauty of Maine, a precious commodity that must be respected and cared for.

Janet Williams


Searsport Senior Day

I would like to thank the community for supporting our first event! More than 125 people braved the pouring rain to visit many exhibitors providing information needed by all. A delicious healthy meal was provided and enjoyed by all.

Beano was played and called by Alex Hooper. Music during lunch was by Delores Merrithew and Nancy Card Cole.

Thank you to those contributing to the day's events: Caption Call, New Hope for Women, Spectrum Generations, RSVP, Caller Program, Granite Grange, YMCA, Walgreens, Waldo Community Action Partners, Barbara Cook Massage, EMA, Iris Foundation, USDA (Bangor), Rite Aid, TRIAD, Searsport General Assistance Program, Harbor Hill, Window Coverings, Healthy Waldo, Searsport Police Department, Searsport Fire Department and Searsport Recreation Department.

Thank you for donations from Angler's, Tozier's, Swan Lake Groceries, Holmes Florist and Greenhouse, and Dunkin' Donuts. Special thanks to NED Painting and to those who like anonymity. You make this event work in our community; without you, it would not take place.

Massages were given, volunteering for seniors were discussed, as well as safety in the home and in public, and keeping yourself informed on scams.

Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen — many laughs and fun times while they prepared the lunch — Lena, Lucille, Jess, Jean, Joyce, Sally, Doris, Barbara and Chief Cook Brenda. Servers for lunch: Cory, Twila, Dick, Almon and Martin, who parked cars in the pouring rain.

My special thanks to Brenda — always on call and ready to help; Suesan for typing and making calls; John Moran, Cory, Paul, George, Dick and James in seeing all my requests were met and done; and to Granite Grange for adding this event to your community project.

To those who helped set up and take down tables: Allison, Suesan and Pete, Anthony and Joey.

Many positive comments have been received about the day. We are glad you enjoyed yourselves! We will be back in 2015! The date will be announced at a later date.

Thanks to all once again! What a great day we all had!

Sandra Otis-Anderson


Journey to Health

A big thank you and much appreciation to Waldo County General Hospital for its Journey to Health program. I am grateful for the vision and commitment of the program's leaders, organizers, and teachers.

To have available free classes to encourage movement and active fun for all fosters better physical health, a sense of community and emotional well-being. I have really enjoyed being part of the classes as well as noticing the benefits to those I work with.

There are minimum costs for only a few of the activities, like an extended sea kayaking trip.

Check out their website, www.wcgh.org/community-classes, and see what they offer.

We are becoming a healthier population!

Thank you WCGH, and keep up the great work!

Lisa Kushner


Successful event

We, the Stockton Springs Community Library and the Stockton Springs Historical Society, would like to give a “big shout out” to the community for the successful sale at our pie and art fest.

We thank everyone who made pies and bought pies. Also, we thank all the artists who participated and all of the community members who made purchases.

This fundraiser goes to our building and heat fund. If it were not for the community, we would not have the successes that we have had.

Thank you again!

Pat Curley, Director

Stockton Springs Community Library

Seaport Community Health Center

A big-hearted thank you goes to everyone who helped our dream of becoming a community health center become a reality.

Thank you to athenahealth for renovating the LeClair Building and creating a state-of-the-art healthcare facility. It provides us with a lot more space in a beautiful setting, but also the opportunity to work collaboratively with mental health professionals, a pharmacist, a physical therapist, and expanded laboratory services.

We are anxious to develop our relationship with athenahealth — a young, energetic, visionary service organization dedicated to changing the healthcare system.

Thank you to Penobscot Community Health Care for taking on many of the administrative responsibilities of running a busy practice and for ensuring our future once the former “owners” step down (not for awhile, we assure you). Their commitment to caring for ALL patients — and delivering the right care at the right time in the right way — is what drew us to joining PCHC.

Thank you to all the visitors at our open house on July 31. You can see now why we are so excited about the future. Part of our dream is to become a health center for the whole community, the one we have been connected to for the last 30 years.

And lastly, thank you to all our patients, who have seen us move three times, expand, and adopt new technologies. We hope you realize that we still care about you in the same way we always have.

Change is hard, but sometimes necessary to deliver better, more responsive, and team-based care without losing the close relationships we have developed over years. You will be the judge of our success; we will work hard to keep your trust and confidence.

Come join us at the new Seaport Community Health Center. Same people, more services, beautiful and state-of-the-art facility.

David Loxterkamp

Medical Director

Seaport Community Health Center

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