Letters, Feb. 27

Feb 27, 2014

Merrithew for Searsport Select Board

As a citizen of Searsport and the town historian, I am writing in support of the candidacy of John (Jack) Merrithew for the position of Searsport Select Board member. Jack grew up in the Harbor District of Searsport, graduated from Searsport High School, served in the U.S. Navy and was a member of the town's select board for nine years. His father, John Merrithew Sr. served the town as chairman of the Searsport Planning Board. Jack was a member of the Searsport Fire Department for ten years and served part of that time as "antique officer." A deep interest in the history of Searsport is something we share.

With his background, John (Jack) Merrithew is a highly qualified candidate, obviously dedicated to the welfare of the town of Searsport. I am very pleased to take this opportunity to thank Jack for his service to our town in the past and express my hope that he will once again become one of our town government's leaders.

Charlene K. Farris


Community-relations department employee finds hospital lives up to its hype

For the six and a half years I have worked in the Community Relations Department at Waldo County General Hospital, I have heard story after story of what a great job our local hospital is doing. Last week, I got to experience it myself and I have a new appreciation for the care we provide our neighbors.

From Central Registration to the Imaging Department to the lab to the doctor covering Saturday hours, I was treated with a comforting competence that made me feel much better. And that was before I was even admitted.

From the night I spent in the Intensive Care Unit to the day and a half on the main floor, every nurse and CNA I met provided me with quality care in a caring manner. I will never forget the night nurse who served me a cup of flavored coffee in her own mug both that night and as she left duty the next morning (and it did help my headache). There was the nurse who discharged me and took the time to explain why I really needed to rest to restore my immune system and another who spent time talking with me when I couldn’t sleep anymore.

And the doctors I encountered were fantastic, from my primary care provider, Dr. Deb Peabody to the doctor on duty Saturday, Dr. Matt Molison, who even called me Sunday to see how I was doing, met me at the hospital and then admitted me, to the hospitalist, Dr. John Pagonis, to the surgeon, Dr. Shane Lydon; they all gave me the time I needed and instilled in me a confidence I will not soon forget.

As I have written so many times for others, we are indeed fortunate to receive such "quality care, close to home."

Toni Mailloux


Bait-and-switch headline

When writing a headline, it's a good idea to remember the fold. In today's paper, folded, I read "In RSU 20 lack of consensus ends." Well, I thought, finally some good news... until I unfolded the paper.

William Cressey


Downside of bird feeders: predators attack at gathering places of prey

On Friday afternoon, Feb, 14, Valentines Day, when I walked out on to my back deck, I noticed some sort of a wildlife struggle occurring down between the forsythia bushes and the garage, about 40 feet away. At first I thought it was a cat on top of a dove. I started yelling and waving my arms, hoping I might stimulate a separation, a flight, the saving of a life! With a better look I realized it was a sharp-shinned hawk on top of a dove. I flung the snow shovel that was in my hands high above the scene and that hawk quickly flew up and away over the MacLeod property toward the bay. I hurriedly walked down to the dove and spotted the location of the attack, undearneath a feeder, where it was splattered with blood and feathers were strewn about. When I got to the dove, I found it pretty much intact, but the head was missing and was apparently devoured by that raptor!

I feel sad and sick when I think my feeders are a draw that leads to the slaughter of some of my many varied feathered visitors. I disposed of the body in my green cone composter. I do not want predators to think my yard is a convenient lunch room for afternoon snacks!

I saw a hawk in my mountain ash two years ago and I shooed it away. Last year I spotted a sharp shinned "munching" on a chickadee, deep under the forsythia. I threw rocks into his lair to drive it out of there! On various occasions I have chased neighbor's cats away and off of birds they are trying to slay. When I discover the signs of strikers and kills, I imagine giving up the great pleasure I receive from bringing the vast collection of colorful visitors to my serene gardens of flowers and trees!

John Lothrop



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