Letters, Jan. 16

Jan 16, 2020

A better alternative

For over two hours last night, people took turns opposing the Nordic Aquafarms-proposed salmon farm, but nobody offered a better long-term use for the Little River and its two ponds.

Here's something to consider: Nordic, if successful, will leave an industrial brownfields site in 33 to 35 years, Belfast will be holding the bag, and the buildings will cost hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to tear down and cart off. Moreover, an accident could introduce a foreign virus into the natural ecosystem of Penobscot Bay, that could put an end to the entire coastal ecosystem for decades.

There is a better use of that space — one that would bring in an income for centuries into the future, as it has at Damariscotta for over 200 years: Take down the old, decrepit dams, and replace them with new dams containing good fish ladders. Then knock out the pickerel and other piscivores in the ponds, and stock the ponds with alewives and elvers. In a few years, those ponds can be generating thousands of dollars a year into local pockets, and, via licensing, into the Belfast City bank account.

The proposed salmon farm will, in the estimate of Nordic Aquafarms, not last longer than 35 years. On the other hand, once alewife and elver populations have been established, they will generate an income for Belfast as long as humans live in Waldo County, at the modest expense of keeping dams and fish ladders in repair.

William Burgess Leavenworth, Ph.D.

Retired environmental historian & mariner


Thanks for help in time of grief

Since my son, Troy Gallant, passed away Nov. 25, 2019, we have received so many kind words from my fellow classmates, Troy's Facebook friends and other friends. We appreciate all of the personal comments and cards. It has been a difficult holiday season, but we have managed to get through. It is very difficult to have lost a child. I love my son and hope time will help.

We will be having a celebration of his life Feb. 15 at the Waldo Town Office beginning at 1 p.m. Karen Hodgdon is in charge of the planning. To help with the planning or any part of the gathering, call her at 322-9986.

We will be having a small graveside service at Paul's Cemetery in Waldo. Look for more information at a later date for this this.

Mike Gallant


Words from Another

I represent other interested parties

Hear me

Hear me

I was not granted party-in-interest status, I do not attend meetings,

I do not speak into microphones, I have no numbers or calculations.

Hear me though, just the same.

I speak from the place where the fresh water meets the sea.

I am…

The gull who laughs at you while you enjoy your picnic,

The fish you never see but you hope are always swimming, and the lobster you know so well.

I am the loon and that soothing voice. I am the breeze that fills your sails on Penobscot Bay.

I am the tree that shades your walk. I am the quiet that comforts you after the day’s work.

I am your smiling neighbor, I am the friendly visitor. I am the slippery seal smiling at you.

I am the quiet road home. I am your grandchild, not yet born.

Listen now,

I ask you to keep our place safe. This place safe. The place where we

fly, laugh, work,

play, fish, grow, walk,

swim, sail, breathe.

When the child sits on your knee, I hope you can tell them the story of how you preserved this place.

If we are growing fish on land

And the mighty, tall coastal trees

Fall not by a stormy sea breeze

But instead by chainsaw…

I ask you,

Where will the night singing coyotes roam?

How will they




The world is turning inside-out-upside-down!

The night sky is watching and wonders…

What comes next?

Joanne Moesswilde


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Posted by: Ralph Stanley | Jan 20, 2020 19:28

Trumps spiritual advisor is Paula White. His evangelical (fascist) Christian supporters are now looking at a gimme from the IRS to pass on income from these organizations. He is now on record as assassinating a foreign national due to GOP pressure, paying it forward to his upcoming impeachment circus. If you don't see the complicity within these parties to ensure continued power, I don't know what will.

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