Letters, July 31

Jul 31, 2014

'Ignorance is bliss' for officials on Kidder Point erosion

Last weeks article about the erosion of polluted material from Kidder Point reveals the underside of Searsport politics. And, by the way, looking the other way or actively helping a polluter avoid detection by stifling investigations are both against the law.

I think your article clearly shows our state and local officials saying "don't tell us, we don't want to know what is leaking into the harbor at Kidder Point." As if this in some way absolves them of their responsibility to correct the situation. It does not! Maybe Searsport's new motto should be, "Welcome to Searsport, where ignorance is bliss."

It's a good thing Searsport wasn't on Paul Revere's route because we would have told him, " We don't believe you because we can't verify your sources. Now go away and stop bothering us, and if you try to warn us again, we will arrest you for trespassing."

Why doesn't some civic minded science teacher take a field trip to "the acid flats?" Ph testing is pretty elementary and I don't think the Searsport Police will arrest school children. But then again I didn't think they would rough up an old man either so you never know. Searsport is unique.

Harlan McLaughlin


Grateful for Director of Transportation

I first came onto the School Board in 1988 and Mitch Brown became Director of Transportation and Maintenance in 1992. Today he is one of the few directors doing both positions in Maine. Regional School Unit 20 is now advertising for two positions to fill, his one and he also worked free on call all night to answer the safety of our buildings instead of hiring Siemens Maintenance and paying them.

Mitch grew up in Belfast and has given his last 22 years to serving Waldo County. I personally will never accept his resignation, but would like to see a one year leave of absence; so that Mitch could decide next year, instead of now. The respect of Mitch Brown and the hundreds of thousands if not more of money he has saved our district will only be known after he leaves us. However, to me Mitch is a great man who has given to his community and to our children. I hope if circumstances work to his favor he may return in the future. We are all in his gratitude.

We the board will very much need to be involved in the safety of our children and buildings. We will need to see a plan developed by the superintendent. Hopefully Mitch will be a part of that plan.

Alan Wood


Supporting Cutler

I am writing in support of Eliot Cutler’s candidacy to be Maine’s next Governor because I believe him to be the best suited for the job of those currently running. I supported him in his previous run for the Blaine House in 2010, and have been very impressed by the outreach he and his organization have kept up in the interim years between campaigns. Their focus on civility and non-partisan political intercourse has already advanced the climate for progress in returning our electoral process to some measure of sanity.

Cutler’s experience working under Edmund Muskie’s tutelage in helping to craft some of our nation’s watershed environmental legislation, as well as his successful business career, has left him well prepared to assume the reins of Maine’s State Government and guide her to a new day in meeting the needs of her people.

In the last four years, Eliot has worked to gain an increasing understanding and appreciation of Maine’s economy and what is needed to stimulate business ventures both large and small, as he has worked with his partners to form two companies that have marketed Maine branded seafood products to Asia. These companies employ Mainers and deal in Maine’s maritime resources, in a true win-win scenario for our state.

I believe that Eliot’s experience and expertise as an entrepreneur makes him the people’s choice to lead Maine to a new era of sustainable economic development that will truly make us the "comeback story of the century".

Christopher Groden


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