Letters, March 19

Mar 19, 2020

Elvis has left the building

Next month, I am going to move to New Mexico, and I want to thank all the wonderful people who have been good to me. Thank you, thank you very much.

Elvis N. Robbins


Leave it to the experts

There are "experts" repealing the Clean Water Act in Washington, D.C.; at this very moment, there are "experts" repealing the Clean Air Act. I can recall Patti Aho, who headed the Maine DEP, quite well. She was a lobbyist for the petrochemical industry before taking over the Maine DEP, and later worked for Susan Collins for a time. She loved the 14-story propane tank for Searsport and the mercury dredge of the bay to welcome larger oil tankers.

As I write, "experts" are planning the clear-cutting of western Maine for the CMP corridor even before the vote. The Belfast City Council drones on about dog excrement, cigarette smoke and cars that park on the Commons grass, but eight smokestacks, each 65 feet tall, belching diesel fumes 24/7, that's fine. Dredging and blasting mercury spoils throughout the lower bay, fine. Crossing private property to lay pipes that will pump a 100-million-gallon plume of warm, nitrogen-rich wastewater into the shallows off Bayside, fine.

Countless truckloads of soil clogging our roads, the "experts" approve, as do the politicians and the law firms in Washington, Augusta and Belfast. Industrial pollution means tax dollars for yet more bread and circuses. I hear the battle cry, "We must provide protein for future generations!" Let them eat lentils rather than Frankenfish. It's healthier for people and the planet.

Christopher Hyk


Ed. note: The above letter has been edited for accuracy

A plea for wisdom

This letter comes as a plea from the trees and the Little River, the shores of Penobscot Bay and the bay herself to the people of Belfast. Step back for a minute and consider what we are doing.

In this time of extreme climate change all over the planet, there are still some beautiful places where people can go to refresh their spirit in the natural world, to listen to the wind blowing through the trees, to experience the comforting release that comes with a quiet walk along a wooded path. In Belfast, the Little River and the land adjoining it is just such a place.

It is also the exact location that is now being seriously considered as the appropriate location for a very large fish factory, for that is what it will truly be. The irreplaceable trees and the quiet walking trails will be gone. These kinds of places are rare. They should be recognized and valued for the purpose they serve.

Belfast, think what is at stake as we contemplate the proposed project. Do we really want to destroy this treasure for a fish factory? We must acknowledge that the decision we make today will affect generations to come. We must be mindful and wise.

Nancy Nutt


Don't be fooled

Don’t be fooled by all the mailings you have received or all the ads you’ve seen on TV concerning “clean energy” as reasons to approve the proposed CMP corridor through the irreplaceable stretch of Maine woods, for the benefit of big corporations profits. Huge amounts of money are backing this propaganda.

Let’s remember who we are.

Sandra Leonard


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