Letters, Nov. 28

Nov 28, 2019

Open letter to Sens. Jackson and Herbig

It is pleasing to see that you will be hosting a forum in Searsport on improving life for the people of Maine. Your press release generated the following response from me:

Our health care system is the single most stultifying force for keeping innovation and productivity at bay.

For the poor, Maine Care income limits keep people from striving. They simply cannot afford to work.

Meanwhile, the middle class scramble with two or more jobs to pay for health insurance and resent their tax money going to pay for Maine Care. This sets up a kind of class division.

And, of course, the rich who can well afford to pay for health care, are spared caring.

We need to pool our resources for health care, paid for by the government through taxes, much as the libraries, roads, firefighters, etc., are funded. Please join your laudable efforts with the efforts of Maine AllCare, a nonprofit designed to educate folks about how this could work.

This single effort — universal health care — and its resulting implementation will improve everybody's lives and will do much to heal the economic and social divisions that plague us, as demonstrated by this article.

Thank you for your service and for caring about our people.

Jennifer Hill


The fish are awesome

The fish are not "okay," they’re awesome. This is an amazing opportunity for Belfast to be a global leader in how our seafood is harvested in a more sustainable green manner.

Yes, I see the signs on the corner weekly proclaiming this will be a terrible ecological disaster. The number of signs I’ve seen before Nordic appeared protesting unsustainable fishing in the worlds oceans? Zero. Right now, this very moment there are countless factory trawlers from many nations fishing unsustainably 24 hours a day. Nordic, which may be leading the way in actual lessening of ecological damage and plundering of our oceans, could very well be lauded in years to come.

While France, the Netherlands and other nations have invested in high-speed trains to lessen the carbon footprint from cars and trucks, there is now movement and progress to develop sustainable land-based agriculture. Why is it considered unthinkable and unrealistic that a company from Norway might actually be creating a greener model for harvesting fish? I personally hope for success for Nordic Aquafarms as well as for the jobs and taxes it will bring to the Belfast area.

Working in a factory trawler in the Bering Sea in the Gulf of Alaska gave me a firsthand look at how most of the global fisheries function right now. While many strive to be more green, they are competing 24 hours a day to harvest more fish than their competitors. Because much of that harvest also includes often as much tonnage of fish that cannot be kept and simply dumped overboard dead, then imagine the damage that is doing to our oceans and many fish species. Are you telling me this is a more sustainable method of fishing than land-based aquafarms?

David Hurley


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