Letters, Nov. 30, 2017

Nov 30, 2017

Why nothing new?

I have searched for common ground with Republican ideas because I am sick of the political strife. Even reading one party's name causes a flush of adrenaline. Yet the debt-raising Republican tax plan repeats the same slippery steps leading to a failure of moral choice.

In future years screaming and moaning about the federal debt will resume and again we'll hear that cuts must be made to programs the Republicans cleverly renamed “entitlements.” Medicare, VA Health and Social Security keep the remaining middle class from becoming poor while Medicaid, WIC and SNAP keep the poor from death. Education at all levels keeps the U.S. competitive. Our broken and forgotten infrastructure aids small business, but its eventual consideration will only increase the debt.

I had wanted to buy a dishwasher after G. "Dubya" Bush's tax cut, which was presented by Republicans as for middle class benefit. The dishwasher cost $600, but my rebate was $350. Yet the average rebate to every single person in the top 1 percent averaged over $50,000. For one single year. My purchase would have aided the economy, but I didn't buy anything.

Unjust taxation helped prompt our original revolution. Yet under this latest proposed tax plan, a person who earns $40,000 and pays $5,000 for state and local taxes cannot deduct those taxes and so pays federal taxes on the original $40,000. Taxed twice on the same income.

Good ideas for solving our financial woes abound. How about a fraction of a cent on stock trades when computers make thousands of trades per hour? Can't Republicans be devoted to fresher ideas than 50-year-old trickle down which never worked? The Republican morality is based on “Shouldn't a person keep what he earns?” Yes, provided he pays his fair share toward a productive and moral society.

Leslie Woods



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