Letters, Nov. 9, 2017

Nov 09, 2017

Abortion rights

Recent political attacks on birth control and our health care are causing concern for young and old. Birth control is essential health care, and recent political attacks are trying to eliminate access to these reproductive rights, most of which were well-established years ago. Various organizations are joining together and fighting back to help make sure that everyone, regardless of income or ZIP code, has access to all aspects of birth control.

One such effort, Thinking Back and Fighting Forward: Abortion in Maine and Beyond, is a co-sponsored event by Maine Family Planning (MFP) and Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights (GRR!). This event is taking place on Wednesday, Nov. 15, 6 to 8 p.m., at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Belfast, 37 Miller St., (directly behind the Belfast Free Library).

MFP and GRR! are teaming up to celebrate and educate about intergenerational perspectives and struggles for abortion rights, with a focus on the crucial work being done by Maine’s largest independent abortion provider to expand rights and access.

A local GRR! member will share reflections from pre- and early days of Roe, and how older women are continuing the fight for reproductive rights today. We'll also hear from Belfast Family Planning Nurse Practitioner Julie Jenkins about her role as a plaintiff in a landmark ACLU lawsuit to end Maine's restrictive "physician-only law."  We'll provide an overview of what's ahead in the fight for abortion rights in Maine and nationally — and how you can support our work!  Finally, we’ll end with a Q & A and personal stories.  Please join us.

Thank you.

Kathryn Kreamer, LSW, BSW, MA

Member of GRR! Belfast Chapter

Hungry hunters' breakfast

I would like to thank everyone who helped with the annual American Legion Post 157 breakfast on Oct. 28: Langdon Chandler, Fred Deridon, Carl Clegy, Holly Bagley, Lee Snyder, Lance Waddell, Chris and Tommy Atkins, Madeline Littlefield, Ernie Kalinison and Horace Seekins.

Special thanks for the opportunity to honor a veteran with the rededication of the cemetery stone at the Narrows Cemetery for Leopold Hegyi V, the last key keeper of Fort Knox. Thanks to rifle quad Ernie Kalinison, Langdon Chandler, Fred Deridon, Carl Clegg, Lee Snyder and Charlie Smith.

Judy Otis

American Legion Post 157

Stockton Springs

Thank a veteran

As a nation we are eternally grateful to all veterans who have served this country, with honor and distinction, to protect our precious freedoms. They gave their time and talent for love of country. We believe the best way to honor our veterans is to tell the truth. It's the only way to make good decisions.

This Veterans Day, we challenge each and every person to call one veteran and thank them for their service to our country as a way to express our gratitude for their distinguished service. I believe the best way to thank all veterans is to tell the truth and seek the truth.

Joseph Greenier

Candidate for Senate Dist. 11

Stockton Springs

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