Convicted rapist accused of unlawful sexual touching

By Tanya Mitchell | Mar 11, 2013
Glenn Reed

Lincolnville — A 65-year-old Lincolnville man who is listed on the Maine Sex Offender Registry was arrested on a warrant Monday, March 11, after he allegedly groped a female clerk at a Belfast business Saturday, March 9.

Glenn Reed was arrested on charges of unlawful sexual touching, assault and disorderly conduct, according to a press release issued Monday evening. Chief Ron Young of the Lincolnville Police Department arrested Reed after a sealed warrant was issued following an investigation led by the Belfast Police Department.

Tuesday morning, March 12, Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden said police responded to a complaint from the clerk, who said Reed entered the storefront and tried to touch her inappropriately on two occasions during his interaction with her.

McFadden said when the clerk asked Reed if she could help him he responded with an unusual request.

"He claimed to her he was having a bad day and he just needed a hug," said McFadden.

The clerk obliged, McFadden said, and at that time Reed allegedly tried to kiss her on the cheek and neck area and fondled her buttocks.

"He then said some sexually charged comments to her," said the chief.

McFadden said the woman pulled away from Reed immediately and continued her attempt to assist him with finding some merchandise. At that point, Reed reportedly approached her again and tried to kiss her on the lips and touched her breast.

"Fortunately for us and for the victim, unfortunately for Mr. Reed, video surveillance cameras were inside the store and the video cameras quite efficiently captured on video all the contact with the clerk," McFadden said.

Once the investigating officer, Sgt. John Gibbs, completed his investigation of the complaint McFadden said Gibbs issued the arrest warrant for Reed.

Reed has since been released on bail, and McFadden said Reed's bail conditions bar him from having any contact with the alleged victim and he cannot return to the store.

According to records posted at the Maine Sex Offender Registry website, Reed was convicted on a rape charge at Waldo County Superior Court in 1981.

Reed's more recent involvement with police was in October of last year, when McFadden said he was charged with filing a false public alarm or report after he claimed a woman stole his Oxycodone from his vehicle, which was parked outside of the Belfast Hannaford store. At that time McFadden said Reed gave police the name of the woman he suspected stole his medication, and stated he planned to loan the woman $100, which was why the two agreed to meet in the grocery store parking lot. Reed further told police at that time that he suspected the woman entered his car while he was inside the store, stole his medication and then left the parking lot.

After further investigation that involved a discussion with the woman Reed suspected of stealing the drugs, McFadden said police learned the woman had arranged to meet Reed there with the intention of buying the pills from him.

Reed later pleaded no contest on the charge of filing a false public alarm or report and McFadden said Reed was ordered to pay a $500 fine. The woman involved in the case was initially charged with stealing drugs, but McFadden said prosecution on that charge was declined once the case reached the Waldo County District Attorney's Office.

"This was a drug deal gone bad," said the chief.



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Posted by: deborah R Davis | Mar 12, 2013 10:25

Laurie Lee, "cured with a lifetime of follow ups with professionals". would be VERY costly. It is difficult to treat a sociopatheic child because they lack empathy. I do not know at what point in that lifetime of treatment you prescribe to a person would e considered "cured" . It's usually a word you don't hear in the Mental Health often.


Posted by: deborah R Davis | Mar 12, 2013 09:48

This nortorious Lincolnville deviant has a very long history of bad behavior. He has seriously impacted and destroyed many people in the community. Apparently he doesn't enjoy his freedom enough to restrain from his old habitual  ways. Another round of prison time probably won't make him any wiser but it will help keep others safe -  and is that  not the purpose of prison ?

Posted by: Linda Simpson | Mar 12, 2013 09:29

Whats this the third time?

when is it enough.



Posted by: Linda Simpson | Mar 12, 2013 09:28

How many times is this third i believe. when is it enough???

Posted by: N H | Mar 12, 2013 08:48

Another fine lincolnville citizen.  He will probably apply for assistance and the fine town office personnel are sure to approve it.

Posted by: Edwin Ecker | Mar 12, 2013 08:40

LAURIE ! Glenn had all that and then some on our "DIME" and he is still a PERVERT !

Posted by: Susan Schombert | Mar 12, 2013 06:43

How many many victims!!!  Keep him!


Posted by: Judith Dinsmore | Mar 11, 2013 19:48

Congratulations Glenn ..I am sure you probably deserve this honor.. maybe they will lock you up for good this time



Posted by: DANIEL DATES | Mar 11, 2013 18:46

Another outstanding citizen!

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