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May 01, 2014

Community Birthday Calendars

It's time to start thinking about the Community Birthday Calendar. This is the Lincolnville Historical Society's one fundraiser of the year; with this money the LHS is able to keep the Schoolhouse Museum open three days a week, June through October. The calendars are $8, and each listing -- birthday, anniversary, or in memory of -- is 50 cents. The calendar is keyed to the school year, with September being the first month. The deadline for ordering is June 15.

If last year's calendar is still hanging in the kitchen, tear off "April," and on the back you'll find the order form for next year. "May" has an order form on the back as well. If you're an old customer, but haven't ordered in a year or two, give a call to either Connie, 789-5984 or Diane, 789-5987, and let them know you want this year's calendar. If you've never ordered, but would like the fun of knowing when your Lincolnville friends and neighbors are celebrating a milestone, watch for the LHS' spring newsletter coming out soon. It will have the order form as well.


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Posted by: Cheryl Roberts | May 06, 2014 19:52

If what I've heard is true -- that Diane will no longer be writing the Lincolnville News for Village Soup, then I don't have much reason to continue my subscription., do I. For more years than either of us cares to remember, Diane has kept the town informed of town business, the health and well-being of our neighbors, critter sightings, etc.  She will be sorely missed.

The rest of the Knox and Waldo county news is readily available elsewhere, principally on the Bangor Daily News website.  This may be farewell, Soup.

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