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By Sarah Reynolds | Nov 12, 2012

By Diane O'Brien


Municipal meetings

All meetings are held at Lincolnville Central School unless otherwise noted.

The Conservation Commission meets Monday, Nov. 19, 4 p.m. at the L’ville Improvement Association Building.

The Comprehensive Plan Review Committee meets Tuesday, Nov. 20, at 6:30 p.m.


Both the Town Office and school will be closed Thursday and Friday, Nov. 22 and 23, for Thanksgiving.


Congratulations to October’s Musicians of the Month, Abby Milner, chorus, and Marley O’Neil, band. Also, good luck the 10 musicians who’ve had the courage to audition for the prestigious District III Honors Music Festival: Marley O'Neil (flute), Nicholas Watts (alto sax), Anna Christie (trumpet), Tora Decker-Griffith (horn), Sara Schaefer (snare drum), Emma Hallundbaek (soprano) Sophia Buckley-Clement (soprano), Hana Galkowski (alto), Abi Dare (alto), Gabe Salo (baritone).

This week’s After School Enrichment programs include a Wednesday cooking class sponsored by Journey to Health at Waldo County Hospital, where students will make a healthy Thanksgiving snack. The same afternoon the Lego Club will be building with some new Legos.

Starting next week Mainly Girls Book Club, sponsored by the L’ville Community Library, will begin for girls in grades 6-8.

Popular local folk musician and songwriter Cindy Kallett will be working with sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders this week, writing and recording an original song. This is thanks to Partners for Enrichment, the group that bring artistic and scientific programs to the Hope, Appleton and Lincolnville schools.

Lincolnville is fortunate in having two organizations actively working to improve and enrich our school. The other is the PTO, or Parent Teacher Organization. During last year the PTO provided scholarships for LHS graduates of CHRHS, bought $1,100 worth of books, computer programs and educational games to LHS classrooms, supported the K-2 lending library, started the Mileage Club, donated $500 to the library fund, hosted movie nights, the gingerbread party, spring carnival, a family fun run, and lots more.

Once again, Christmas wreaths are available through the PTO’s annual wreath sale. A 24-inch double-sided plain wreath is $12; with a red bow, $15, or decorated, $20. Orders by Friday, Nov. 23; wreaths can be picked up at LCS from 3-5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 30, or at the Fire Station from 1-5 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 2. Free delivery is available for orders of six or more, and alternative pick up arrangements can be made if needed.

This is a great and easy way to support the PTO. Both PTO and Partners for Enrichment are nonprofit organizations; when you’re thinking of charitable giving, these two are as local as we can get. All the money they collect goes directly back to our kids. Buy a wreath or contact to make a donation to that organization.

Community potluck

In the past, United Christian Church sponsored a Thanksgiving meal at the L.I.A. building on the Sunday before the holiday for older couples and those who live alone. UCC provided the turkeys and fixings, Bayshore Baptist Church the vegetables and the Women’s Club the pies. The servers were volunteers from all over town.

This year the UCC wants to show off their newly-renovated community building, and so is holding the annual meal there, at the building in the Center, Sunday, Nov. 18, at 2 p.m. However, this year it will be a potluck and everyone in town is invited. Bring a dish – casserole or salad – if you wish. f you can’t, come anyway – there’s always plenty of food! Homemade pies will be provided by the Women’s Club, Bayshore is bringing the rolls and UCC will have turkey, ham, drinks, and the beautiful new room to hold it in. Hope to see you there!

Check out the Boat Club

With all the changes coming in the Center – library, open air museum, Center Store – one is completed. The sheds that had been built onto the back of the Center School sometime in the past 60 years or so were left raw and open when the school was pulled away a couple of weeks ago. A volunteer crew directed by Jim Dunham on behalf of the Historical Society started right in to build a new front on that woebegone shed. In a week they were done; pull in and take a look next time you’re in the Center. A beautiful building with new windows, handsome doors and a shingled façade looks nice enough to move into. Wonder what the Boat Club will decide to do with it now!

Morning reading

When Wally retired, our mornings came unglued. No more 6 a.m. scramble out the door for the drive to Castine, where he’d been a teacher for most of his career. And coincidentally, no more half-hour in the barn, shoveling out and then milking, then changing clothes before that scramble to hit the road, for that was also the year, 1999, that we’d said good-bye to our last cow. We took a three-week trip to Australia the winter he’d retired and decided our cow-keeping days were over. We couldn’t figure out three weeks of cow tending -- shoveling and milking -- in addition to middle-of-the-winter care of our drafty farmhouse and numerous other animals. It was too much to ask of friends and neighbors.

But the legacy of those mornings is the wake-up time we can’t seem to shake. Thirteen years after Castine and cow, we’re both still wide awake at 4 a.m. So we read. Or rather, he reads aloud and I knit. I wonder how many books we’ve read during those pre-dawn hours? We just finished a biography of Gertrude Bell, “Desert Queen.” She was the British woman who’s considered the mother of modern Iraq. How can that be? You’ve got to read about this fascinating woman. Now we’re into “Dreams From My Father,” Barack Obama’s memoir, written when a political career was hardly a gleam in his eye. We find non-fiction suits us better when it comes to sharing. We’ve read long, dense histories, the four-volume Robert Caro biography of Lyndon Johnson, the Shelby Foote Civil War series, all sorts of political books – this side and that side.

What are you reading? With the new library in town, and a nice, long winter ahead of us, a good book looks better and better!

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