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By Sarah Reynolds | Jan 21, 2013

By Diane O'Brien


Municipal meetings

All meetings are held at Lincolnville Central School unless otherwise noted.

The Selectmen meet Monday, Jan. 28, at 6 p.m.; Selectmen's meetings are televised on Channel 99.

The Planning Board meets Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 7 p.m.; their meetings also are televised.


Eighth-graders and their parents will meet Wednesday, Jan. 30, from 5:30-7 p.m. to choose their classes for CHRHS. This is a dinner meeting for students and their families with pizza provided, thanks to a grant, by the high school, and childcare for younger siblings in the art room. For parents, no matter how many children they’ve seen through this process, it must seem like “only yesterday” that their child started kindergarten, and now they’re helping them pick their high school courses.

In light of the recent Maine Center for Disease Control health alert pertaining to the flu epidemic, Cindy Kava, the school nurse, reports that “for the past two weeks LCS has had minimal student absences due to illness.” School staff continues its “germ patrol," which includes asking students to frequently wash their hands and properly cover their coughs and sneezes. In addition, extra attention is being given to the cleaning of surfaces throughout the school on a daily basis.

Music teacher Emily Widdoes has a student teacher working with her this semester – Virginia Alley of Cushing, finishing up her music dducation degree from the University of Southern Maine.

Searsport and the tank

It would be hard to miss the controversial Liquified Natural Gas or LNG tank being proposed for Searsport, though perhaps easy to think “Oh, but it’s not in our back yard so who cares?” Actually it will be in our backyard if the Searsport Planning Board votes to allow it; we won’t see it, but will be impacted by the traffic – both on Route 1 and out in the Bay – that it will generate. And in the case of an accident, Searsport will seem a lot closer than it does now. So, while we as citizens of Lincolnville will not be deciding on it, it will most surely affect us.

What can we do? Learn about it by reading news reports in print and online, talk to your neighbors about it, contact our selectmen if you’re concerned, attend meetings, write letters: in short, get active.

Center General Store

A crowd of some 40 people turned out Saturday morning to hear Jeremy and Marcie Howard’s plans for the Center General Store, currently under renovation. The Howards explained that their vision includes quality local goods and a comfortable meeting place, which seemed to match what they were hearing from those in attendance. Keep sending suggestions and feedback via email, Facebook, phone, or stopping by. Email the Howards at

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Posted by: ed Gworek | Jan 21, 2013 20:48

I'm happy to hear that you are aware that the Gigantic LNG tank is INDEED a REGIONAL issue Diane. Your correct again in thinking that the tank will have a negative impact on the residents of Lincolnville as well as the entire Pen Bay region. Although it may not be in Lincolnville's "backyard" it will be clearly visible from on-top of Bald Rock .... much more so than the existing tank farm, as the proposed tank is just HUGE! I agree with you as well in that "concerned" citizens should contact the Searsport Planning Board and express their concerns.




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