Man accused in domestic, officer assaults charged for harassing alleged victim

By Tanya Mitchell | Apr 01, 2014
Source: File image David Morin

Wiscasset — A 32-year-old man who was in custody at a regional jail due to 13 charges resulting from an alleged domestic dispute that spun out of control Thursday night, March 18, has since incurred four new charges after police say he continued to contact the victim by phone.

David Morin, 32, who shows a China and Northport address, is now facing charges of harassment by telephone and three counts of violating conditions of release. All of those charges, said Lt. Jason Trundy with the Waldo County Sheriff's Office, stemmed from Morin's continued attempts to call the alleged victim and a member of her family from Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset.

Trundy said Morin made the calls despite harassment orders the victim has in place to prevent Morin from having any contact with her or her relative.

Trundy said police received a complaint from the alleged victim's family stating that Morin was repeatedly calling the family asking questions about the victim and her child.

When police confronted Morin about the complaint, Trundy said he admitted to trying to get in touch with the victim by phone while he was incarcerated.

Police then contacted Lincoln County authorities, and officers there assisted WCSO with summonsing Morin on the charges.

Trundy said the alleged harassment occurred while Morin was being held on the charges he faced from the incidents on March 18.

According to previously published reports, Morin was arrested at that time on charges of operating under the influence, failure to stop for a police officer, three counts of assault on a corrections officer, three counts of assault, refusing to submit to arrest or detention, aggravated reckless conduct, driving to endanger, domestic violence assault and leaving the scene of an accident, charges that came from two local law enforcement agencies.

Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said Belfast police initially responded to a complaint from a woman calling from her residence in Swanville. The woman stated Morin intentionally and repeatedly rammed his vehicle into the car she was driving at the intersection of Church and Market streets after the two had an argument. The woman also stated Morin, who is her ex-boyfriend, assaulted her prior to hitting her vehicle.

From there, Belfast police called on deputies with the Waldo County Sheriff's Office to assist. Trundy said deputies then went to the alleged victim's home in Swanville to learn more about the incident.

As the officers were speaking with the woman, Morin appeared at her home for a moment before taking off again, driving back down Route 141. The officers left the residence and attempted to stop Morin, but they were unable to locate him.

A Belfast officer happened to be situated a short distance away, Trundy said, but that officer did not see a vehicle fitting the description of the one Morin was reportedly driving. Using that information, Trundy said, the deputies decided to check a few of the side roads off Route 141 to see if Morin turned onto one of them. A short time later, Trundy said, the officers found that Morin had stopped and parked his vehicle at a location just off Route 141.

Police attempted to interview Morin there, but Trundy said it wasn't long before the officers recognized Morin was impaired.

Morin reportedly spit on one of the deputies on a couple of occasions while he was en route to the Waldo County Jail, and as Morin arrived at the jail, Trundy said he "struck one of the corrections officers several times."

Morin is scheduled to appear at Waldo County Superior Court in Belfast Thursday, May 1 for the charges incurred March 18, and he is due to appear in court Tuesday, June 17 for the newest charges.


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