March 2014 Astrology tells us what's up potentially. we have to make sensible decisions. here's what's Ananur

By ananur forma | Mar 10, 2014

Mercury finally turned direct on February 28. I certainly have felt it. I took my computer to the shop only to find that there was nothing wrong with if. I needed to contact the internet server and get a few things corrected. The car mechanic ordered a new fender for my car in order to pass inspection. That fender didn’t arrive in his shop for over a week, and it still hasn’t been fixed. Our schedules are not coinciding.


March 1 the new cycle begins at 3 a.m. with the New Moon with the Sun and Moon at 10 degrees of Pisces in a find aspect to Uranus at 10 degrees of Aries. Open to trusting your gut feelings and act on them without hesitation. I have to recommend a book I’ve just read for the third time. It’s about Rumi and Shams, called, “The Forty Rules of Love,” by Elif Shafak. A perfect book to read at this time. One more thing about this New Moon: it is in a positive aspect with Jupiter at 10 degrees of Cancer. Open up to the gifts given to you by our Creator. At this time (the next 29 ½ days) we are privy to know more of what we know yet has been hidden from us by personality needs and demands. Wisdom and healing are available to those who are ready to receive. Those most personally influenced are those born: February 27-March 2, June 28-July 2, and October 31- November 2 of any year. Spiritual blessings are offered to all of us. “Open your heart and let the sunshine in.” “Let it Be.” “All you need is Love.” “I love you more than you’ll ever know.”  And of course all of the music by the Moody Blues.

So much of our music reflects the deep inner yearning to extend Love.


March1-May 19 Mars will be in retrograde motion. We all have to make an extra effort to get things rolling. The energy of Mars is now focused inward for inner therapeutic work.


March 1-2 Venus and Mars are in a challenging 90 degree aspect suggesting that romantic relationships are being tested and that this is a rocky time.


March 2 the Sun is in an awkward aspect to Mars. You can’t make things happen. You have to go with what feels right and drop it if you’re aware enough to notice that you are suddenly going against the natural flow of things. Anger and frustration are likely.


March 1-3 the Sun is in a powerfully positive aspect with Pluto which says in my mind that anything can happen now. It’s the best time of all for overcoming addictions and obsessions. Expectations play a role here in confusing your mind. Certain circumstances may look messy and end up being the best thing that ever happened to you.


March 5-April 5 Venus is in Aquarius nudging all of us to see each other as “brother and sister.” Our thoughts about each other can change the world we live in. it’s favored now to get to know people of all different walks of life.


March 6 Jupiter will be turning direct after being retrograde since November 2013. Financial circumstances will improve, especially because of the New Moon in a fine aspect to Jupiter now.

March 8-10 Mercury is in an awkward aspect to Saturn which is known to stir up negative thoughts. It takes real effort to re-direct your thinking. Of course singing helps!


March 9 Daylight savings spring ahead one hour at 2 a.m.


March 11 Venus is in a fine aspect with Neptune encouraging the deep longing within you for a refined love relationship where you are both cherishing each other.


March 11-13 the Sun is in a positive aspect with Saturn increasing concentration.


March 12-14 Mercury is nicely aspecting Mars speeding up your mind and welcoming in new ideas to toss around. Daily life seems to be moving at a faster pace.


March 14 Mercury is in a challenging aspect to Uranus. Think before speaking. Try to avoid being sarcastic as it can often be harmful. Your nervous system is sped up.


March 15 Mercury now that it is no longer retrograde is making lots of aspects .

Today Mercury is aspecting Pluto which wants you to dive deeply into your psychological past and find forgiveness as a release from any guilt or shame you may be carrying. Pluto takes the mind to a deeper level of exploration.


March 16 is similar to March 2 when the Sun was in an awkward aspect to Mars. That is true today. Try not to be too impulsive. Anger is likely to come up.


March 16 at 1:08 p.m. the Full Moon will take place with the Moon at 26 degrees of Virgo and the Sun at 26 degrees of Pisces. Are you able to let go and trust your gut feelings and not analyze them to death? You can put your gut feelings to good use if you pay attention and act on them. Someone may need your nurturance.


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