March is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month! Before This Little Piggy Comes Home Learn what it Takes to Care for a Guinea Pig.

By Whitney Potsus AAHA PetsMatter March/April Newsletter


March is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month, an annual celebration of the virtues of this humble and utterly charming little animal. Those of us who have fallen under their spell can wax poetic for hours about the joy these furry friends bring to our lives. However, although we see nothing wrong with world domination by the guinea pig, we also know they’re not the right fit for all humans.

Working in a guinea pig rescue that has taken in hundreds of surrendered guinea pigs, you see first-hand the things that catch new owners by surprise and land critters in shelters.

#1: They Must Have Roommates.

Guinea pigs are communal creatures, genetically hard-wired for the company of their own kind. There are countless stories in the rescue community of inactive, depressed and sick solitary pigs coming to vibrant life within hours of being joined with a roommate. Within our own rescue, we have numerous experiences where guinea pigs abandoned outdoors could not be lured to safety with food and water alone but were easily captured once they smelled and heard another guinea pig.

No matter how much time you spend with them, you can’t replace the companionship of another guinea pig. This is a deal breaker; if you don’t have the space, budget or time to support a pair of guinea pigs, they’re just not the right pick for your current life stage.

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Posted by: Kim Graffam | Mar 05, 2012 12:29

Just make sure the roommate for your guinea pig is the same sex...just sayin'! :)

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