Massachusetts company eyes Belfast for potential office space

Company seeks up to $1.1 million in grant funding
By Ben Holbrook | Jan 26, 2015
Photo by: Ben Holbrook Maine and Company President Peter DelGreco, left, and Economic Development Director Thomas Kittredge discuss the potential for a Massachusetts-based company to locate in Belfast.

Belfast — A Massachusetts-based company is seeking grant money as it eyes the city as a possible new location for its business.

The company, OnProcess Technology, is based in Ashland, Mass., and is seeking up to $1.1 million through the state of Maine’s Community Development Block Grant program. During a special council meeting Jan. 26, Belfast Economic Development Director Thomas Kittredge told councilors the city would submit the grant application on behalf of OnProcess Technology.

If selected, the company would use the money for purchasing telephone, computer and other equipment; as working capital; and to provide job training. Kittredge noted the company is required to create one job for every $30,000 in grant funding, and OnProcess Technology has indicated it would create at least 50 full-time positions.

According to the company’s website, OnProcess Technology helps businesses optimize and manage their global service supply chains.

“Today, OnProcess Technology conducts business in over 26 languages for our clients around the world. We have offices and workers active around the clock. Our clients are leaders in Broadband/Cable, Wireless Communications, Telecom Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Retail, Medical Devices and Network and Storage Technology,” the company’s website states.

OnProcess Technology would also have to match the grant funding with up to $1.1 million of its own funds, Kittredge said.

Kittredge told councilors he hopes to submit the grant application by Jan. 30 and could receive a response within 30 to 45 days.

Councilor Neal Harkness asked Kittredge to elaborate on the types of jobs the company would bring to the area. Kittredge said the majority of the jobs, at least 40 to 44, would be entry-level positions that pay $11 to $13 per hour with fringe benefits. The remaining management positions would pay a much higher rate of up to $45 to $50 per hour, he told councilors.

Kittredge said the company is looking at potentially locating its office in space that is available at the former MBNA campus. The campus is also home to athenahealth and Bank of America.

Also present at the meeting was Peter DelGreco, president and CEO of Maine and Company, a private, nonprofit organization that provides consulting services for businesses looking to locate in Maine or expand within the state.

DelGreco told councilors his organization had previously worked with the city when athenahealth was considering Belfast as a potential location for its facility.

He said OnProcess Technology has investigated the labor market in the area and wanted to ensure they implemented a wage structure that would work.

DelGreco pointed out that OnProcess Technology, which has been in business for nearly two decades, started as a small company and then grew into one of the largest employers in Ashland, Mass.

Mayor Walter Ash asked DelGreco if he believes OnProcess Technology would continue to expand beyond the initial 50 employee base. DelGreco said he didn’t want to speak for the company but said he would be surprised if they didn’t expand beyond 50 employees.

Councilor Mike Hurley praised the possibility that a new company could locate in the city.

“I think it really complements Bank of America and athenahealth and turns us more into a center for this kind of work. I’m really supportive of this,” he said.

Councilors voted 4-0 in favor of the CDBG application.

“I think it would be great to have them [OnProcess Technology] here,” Kittredge said after the meeting.

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