May 2014 here's what's going on astrologically. Mercury not retrograde. Full Moon May 14. Then...New Moon May 28

By ananur forma | May 15, 2014

May 14 the Full Moon will take place with the Moon at 23 degrees of Scorpio and the Sun 23 degrees of Taurus at 3:16 p.m. It’s time to break free from old beliefs that no longer serve you. You are able to see more clearly where you’ve been stuck and what thought systems need to be released. This Full Moon is especially good for anyone who was born between March 8-14, July 9-16 or October 11-17, of any year.  Jupiter and Chiron are in a positive aspect to each other which produces unconditional love and intimacy.


May 16-18 Venus is aspecting Jupiter increasing the desire for sweet things and other indulgences which could throw you out of balance. Funny, as I write this I am longing for coffee ice cream. P.S. I did not eat any ice cream.


May 17 Mercury and Jupiter are in a challenging aspect which suggests that your mind is full of ideas but the time is not right to implement them. You need more information but you’re feeling impatient.


May 18 Mercury is in a frustrating aspect with Saturn which brings up negative thoughts which block your creative juices. The Sun is in a difficult aspect to Pluto which usually brings about confrontations.

May 19 Venus is aspecting Saturn known to stir up disappointments and often hardship financially. “This too shall pass.”


May 19 Mars will be turning direct after having been in retrograde motion for a long time, that is since March 2, 2014. With Mars now direct you’ll notice that it’s easier to move forward with your projects. You should have more energy too, especially anyone born between October 2-5 of any year.


May 20 the Sun is in an awkward aspect with Uranus which is, “an accident prone time.” Try to be patient and not attempt to push to make things happen your way.


May 20-29 Jupiter in Cancer is in a positive aspect to Saturn in Scorpio. For the U.S.A.’s chart this suggests financial gain and stability. Anyone who was born between 8-11, July 10-13, November 10-13 of any year will find this to be a beneficial time for them financially.


May 20 at 11 p.m. the Sun will enter into Gemini and remain here until June 21. With the Sun in Gemini you’re more interested in having lots of different experiences, meeting new people and learning new things to expand your awareness of your surroundings. You have more to say and enjoy talking to people who really get what you’re saying and having something of interest to contribute to the conversation.



May 21-22 (at noon) Venus will be awkwardly aspecting Neptune causing confusion in romantic relationships. Your expectations might be running high and thus make you unable to see what is really going on. Check out your expectations to see if they are causing you to feel disappointed.


May 26-28 the Sun is in a challenging aspect to Neptune which can cause you to feel like you need to rest, or take a nap when you don’t really want to. Your immune system may be in need of support. Resting now is actually a good idea. Usually just before the New Moon our energy level is apt to be lower. The New Moon will be taking place soon, on May 28.


May 28 the New Moon will be taking place at 2:40 p.m. with the Sun and Moon at 7 degrees of Gemini. The New Moon forms a positive aspect to Mars in Libra suggesting that the next 29 ½ days will be active for you. The New Moon does create a challenging aspect to Neptune reminding you to take good care of yourself and get rest when you need it. Try to find a balance between work and rest.


May 28-30 the Sun is in a fine aspect with Mars which is incredibly energizing.


May 29 Mercury will be entering into Cancer and remaining in this sensitive psychically aware water sign. Your dreams may bring up old memories. Mercury will be turning retrograde and moving back into Gemini in June.



May 31-June 4 Venus in Taurus will be in a favorable aspect to Neptune in Pisces which is romantic and artistic and incredibly receptive to the emotions of those you are with. This aspect is also good for watching movies and listening to music which uplifts your Soul.


Ananur Forma resides on the ocean in Rockland Maine


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