MCSWC LANDFILL is closed on July 9, 2019

Category: Public Notices
Posted: Jul 09, 2019

Mid-Coast Solid Waste has begun a construction project on the active cell in the landfill. This project will cause closures and delays that will alter the hours of operation of the landfill only.  This notice is to the residents and contractors working within the four member communities we support.   The ability to recycle and bring in household trash from the four member communities will not be affected.

The bulk of the construction will proceed for the week of July 8th . The operation of the landfill will be altered intermittently during the month of July.  While the project is under operation it is important that customers use caution and plan for extra time when accessing the facility.   The landfill will be closed on July 9th and we anticipate that during the normal operating hours of Tuesday-Saturday, 8am to 4pm there will be times when there will be no access to the landfill permitted.

During construction minimizing your visits to the station and cooperating with all temporary traffic patterns and signage is important. Your cooperation will help keep this project running safely and smoothly. Please drive with care and follow instructions provided by our staff.   Find more information at