By Nina June | Dec 07, 2017

Nīna June continues our winter Mediterranean tour with a visit to Tunis, the white city that gleams in dazzling sunlight above the African edge of the Mediterranean, where Saharan spices meet the fresh herbal perfumes of the Inner Sea,where almost every dish is served with a spoonful of dark red harissa, the chili paste that adds a gentle touch or a huge wallop of heat, depending on how you take it. Couscous is the pride of the kitchen, but we’ll serve a very special Tunisian couscous called mhamsa, made by our friends the Mahjoub family in Tébourba. Sara serves it with an assembly of local seafood, just as she had it in Tunis. And there’ll be lots more to delight you from this ancient port city. Join us Thursday, December 14, as we wander the winding alleys of one of North Africa’s oldest and most enticing souqs.

And be sure to reserve at 236-8880 or at These dinners have been selling out fast.

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