Meet Donny Baker, long time landscaper at Mountain Side

By Mountain Side | Oct 31, 2012
Photo by: Debbie Black Donny Baker, Landscaper at Mountain Side

Almost every Saturday for the last 18-19 years, Donny has commuted from Westbrook with Stuart Welch, proprietor of Mountain Side, up to our community to work hard at beautifying Mountain Side.  Whether it be wall building, raking, mowing, shoveling, trimming, or chain sawing, he  has been our man!          

Donny comes from Scarborough where he lives with his wife, Jeannine.  Jeannine and he just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.  Between the two of them, they have four children, Cari, Cody, Cory & Caden, who just had his 7th birthday.  Believe it or not, this March the couple will be new grandparents! 

 He has worked full time at Home Depot for 12 years and part time at New England Motor Freight for 5 years.  Sounds like when it comes to reliable employees, Donny Baker may be a keeper…

“I like the outside work, I like pleasing the people who live here, the chance to chat with folks.  I want to do the best I can and keep things as nice and neat as possible.”  Donny spoke about some of the bigger projects throughout the years, including the preparation of the two lots for new homes this year.  “Over the years that I have been coming here, the park has been transformed into a beautiful place to be.”   We spoke a bit about what the most important job could be here and we both agreed that keeping Stuart on task, keeping after him… might be it! 

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