Meet Our February Pet of the Month

Photo by: Carrie Searle Liam receiving a medicated bath from veterinary technician Carrie

Name: Liam

Liam is a 5 year old German Shepherd who was adopted by Brenda and Bill Carver in the summer of 2019 after having a tough history in animal shelters throughout Texas and Connecticut. When his owners first brought him into our clinic after adopting him, Liam had severe skin issues, was very underweight, and had had a number of surgeries for different health issues before being adopted. After going through as much as Liam has in his short life, it would be no surprise for him to have a bad attitude about veterinary medicine, but to everyone’s amazement Liam continues to be gentle and kind while being handled by our staff. Liam receives medicated baths to help with his skin issues several times a week, so he is well known and very loved by our entire staff for being so tenacious and persevering through all of his treatments. His different health issues continue to improve with each week.

Liam’s owners describe him as quiet, a bit of a barker sometimes, and a clinger. He loves to be with his owners at all times! He loves to ride in his humans’ truck, chase the horses, eat his meals, and go for short walks. His favorite things to eat include roast beef, chicken, dog food meatballs, and veggie cream cheese (he’s definitely not spoiled at all)! His owners explain that Liam is well-adapted to the daily routine, and if anything is forgotten, he is sure to remind his humans of what they should be doing! When asked about what they enjoy about Liam, his owners explained that they simply love having him in their home and as a part of their family. They said that “he is great company, and we love to hug and kiss him--and he loves it too!” Adopting Liam was in no part easy due to all his health complications, but his owners continue to go above and beyond in order to give him the best life they can. As Brenda said, “we are so happy we could save this boy when no one else wanted him. He was at the rescue shelter for 8 months, and he had several medical issues to deal with, so no one wanted to bother with him. He originally came off the streets of Houston, Texas.” It is always great to hear about adoption stories that work out as well as Liam’s did, where an animal that has been neglected ends up in a home that provides the love and medical attention that he or she needs and deserves. Liam really could not have gotten luckier!

Thank you Liam for continuing to be such a good boy who brings a smile to our faces every time he comes in, to Brenda and Bill for giving Liam the best home he could ask for, and to Redemption Rescue/Ark Charities for assisting with Liam’s medical treatment costs.

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