Meet Our Pet of the Month!

Photo by: Steve Huyler

Name: Whimsy (nickname: Whims)

Whimsy is a seven-year-old male Domestic Longhair (a.k.a. “Orange Fluffy”)

Whimsy’s favorite activities include eating, chasing chipmunks, and playing in the woods with his human friends. He really loves being scratched and rough housed and having his tail tugged!  Whimsy’s favorite treat is lapping up the liquid in Fancy Feast Broths.  Using only one word, Whimsy’s owners describe him as affectionate.

Whimsy’s owners love him because “he is totally engaging. While having feline grace, he is often more like a dog in that he greets each person who comes to our house or garden and makes sure that they feel welcome.”

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