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Sean Richards has had a significant role with Farley & Son, Inc. since he started with the company in 1988. Through the years as a supervisor, Sean has gained a vast amount of knowledge and become an expert in numerous fields such as landscape construction, earthwork, irrigation, snow removal, and even mechanical-as one of the company's head mechanics for its fleet of vehicles and equipment. He has even earned the nickname of "God" by some of his fellow employees for all the different hats he wears for the company, along with his knack to provide an answer to any question and his abilities to get any job done!  Sean has done work in each corner of the state and there has yet to be a task that is too small or too big that Sean can't execute in a residential or commercial setting. 

Licenses and Certifications:

Certified septic installer, OSHA 10 certified, certified equipment operator

What is your favorite kind of job that you like to do?

My favorite type of job is anything that is earthwork related. I really enjoy doing earthwork that is challenging and different such as the boat ramp projects that we have done for the State of Maine.

What is one job that you perform that you think many readers would never guess you do?

I would have to say earthwork and heavy construction projects. Most people think we are just landscapers, but we also handle much larger projects like installing septic systems and water mains. 

You have completed a wide variety of jobs while working at Farley & Son. Is there a job that you are the most proud of or gave you the most satisfaction when it was completed it?

I would have to say the boat pier project that we did in Rockwood Maine. It consisted of making and installing new crib work for a pier as well as some earth work. There was a lot of work our team had to do above water as well in the water, so it was a very challenging job.

What do you think makes you successful at your job?

I'm very good about thinking on my feet and making decisions in the field. I feel that I also have a really good sense for the way things should look like when they are completed just by walking and eyeing the site.

Do you like doing snow removal in the winter and what is your favorite and least favorite part?

I don't mind it at all, although sometime it's more enjoyable than other times! I do like the challenge of big storms. My least favorite part is during and after storms when repairs have to be made!

Do you have a memorable or an intriguing experience while working at Farley & Son that you can share?

Over the 24 years I have been here, its been amazing to see the company grow in size. When I started with the company it had 5 trucks and now we have about 65. Through the years I have also had many memories of camaraderie with fellow employees and customers.

I'm also amazed by the amount of work that we accomplished during the push of the "MBNA days", as well as other large commercial projects we have done throughout the state over the years. Many of these projects invloved supervising crews of 20-40 employees at a time.

Why do you feel it's important for someone to hire an experienced and multifaceted company such as Farley & Son?

You can have the job done with fewer contractors because we are capable of doing everything from start to finish. We can do the underground work, the foundation work, the stone work, the landscaping, etc., so one doesn't have to hire several different contractors.

What is an important landscaping tip that you feel is often overlooked by customers?

We're in Maine! People often overlook where snow has to go! Its important to accommodate enough room to pile snow and for plow equipment to maneuver within the site without doing damage to the landscape.

Proper drainage is also commonly ignored. I like to call it "form and function", where the form of the total landscape has to be looked at rather than just the aesthetics. A lot of people would rather just pay attention to the final look, but you have to also consider how the drainage is going to function and work properly within the overall site.


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