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Memorial Day flowers scattered on the bay, a fashionable dress maker, Frye Mountain research

Jun 05, 2017

June 2, 1836

SUMMER FASHIONS: Mrs. S.B. Wilson would inform her friends and the public that she has employed Miss M.A. Foster as a Fashionable Dress Maker. Ladies of Belfast and vicinity who wish for dresses cut or made in fashionable style will please favor her with a call. Also, a complete assortment of straw, silk, and fancy bonnets, for sale cheap.

FAMILY BEER: S.B. Bond would respectfully give notice to inn-keepers and others in the grocery line, private families & citizens of Belfast and the neighboring towns and cities, that they can be supplied with the superior Lemon Wine Family Beer, manufactured by himself, by the single bottle, keg, half barrel, or barrel, at the shortest notice, by calling at his house on Spring street. All orders gratefully received and promptly attended to. Person can if they choose furnish their empty bottles, kegs, or casks. The quality of his beer is well known in the town of Belfast and much approved of. N.B. for sale a good farm IN Northport, containing about 34 acres, of a rich soil, and yields about 10 tons of hay annually. Apply to S.B.B.

June 7, 1844

Lancaster served up green peas at the American House on Sunday. We are inclined to think they are somewhat early for this section.

Morse's Magnetic Telegraph conveys intelligence at a rate of one hundred and sixty thousand miles an hour. According to this the Atlantic might be crossed in a few moments.

June 5, 1890

Belfast Lodge of Good Templars was treated to an exceptionably fine entertainment by its lady members last Monday evening. The selections were especially appropriate for the Lodge room, and were rendered in a style and manner worthy of more experienced performers. The entertainment next Monday evening will be given by the gentlemen. There is a pleasant and good natured rivalry between the sides, all of which is done for the benefit of the Lodge and the 'Good of the order.' The attendance increases each evening.

June 1, 1905

Holmes’ Moving Pictures will be seen at the Belfast Opera House, Friday and Saturday evenings, with a special ladies’ and children’s matinee Saturday. The Rockland Star of last Tuesday reports that the pictures made a great hit there Monday evening, and that an arrangement was made for a return engagement Thursday evening. Of the soloist the Star says: ‘Miss Brophy sang some very pleasing ballads that were beautifully illustrated, and no better song singer has been heard at the local theatre this season than Miss Brophy.’ There will be a change of program at each performance. Seats are now on sale at the box office.

Memorial Day Observance

Memorial Day, Tuesday, May 30th, was an ideal day for the memorial services. The public offices, banks, schools, stores and factories were closed all or part of the day and business was suspended entirely by order of Mayor Shales from 1 to 4 p.m. Flags were at half-mast on the public buildings and many private residences. Delegations from Thomas H. Marshall Post, G. A. R., placed flags at Grove and various near by cemeteries in the morning. A company of little girls bearing flowers marched to the Eastern S. S. Co.’s wharf and scattered flowers on the bay in honor of those who died in the navy. It was a very pretty feature of the day.

June 2, 1921

'Clayton' The Mystic is surely mystifying the crowds at the Colonial. While Clayton does not claim to have supernatural powers, his act is surely very mystifying. Only three days more to see him in his wonderful experiments. Ask him anything you wish, he will surely give you an answer. Friday Matinee will be for ladies only.

Stockton Springs

The Misses Elizabeth, Evelyn and Ethel Colcord arrived on the Boston boat Thursday morning, and have opened their Main Street residence after passing the winter in Boston.

June 7, 1990

Merrill Historical Society

At the May 24 meeting of the Morrill Historical Society members outlined the upcoming project of the research of the Frye Mountain neighborhood and the many families who had lived in the vicinity before it became Frye Mountain Game Management area. Much interest has been generated since the idea was born, and as time goes along we expect to visit the sites of the homesteads, and we hope, gain pictures of the families and their homes.

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