Mercury not retrograde in the merry month of May. Astrological insights for May 2014 by Ananur, who loves the stars.

By ananur forma | May 02, 2014

what's up with the planets astrologically speaking?

calculated for eastern time zone.


Mercury will not be turning retrograde this month. There are no eclipses this month. Uranus and Pluto are not in an exact 90 degree challenging aspect this month. My conclusion is that May will be an easier month to deal with. April certainly had its challenges.


May 1 is an energetic day with the Sun in an awkward aspect to Mars. Try to avoid hasty decisions or actions. This aspect is known for igniting impatience.Try not to react to what someone says to you. Think before speaking.


May 1-2 Mercury in Taurus is opposite Saturn in Scorpio. This is the ultimate when it comes to being willing and able to only see your own point of view. Try to stretch and listen to what the other person has to say and why.


May 2 Venus will enter Aries and remain here until April 28. With Venus in courageous, passionate, romantic, impulsive, Aries a relationship is bound to develop and fizzle out just as quickly. That is unless there are amazing aspects between your charts that bring about something super special. Astrological chart comparisons and composite charts reveal information about the potential for the relationship whether it is meant to be long term or of short duration. And... of course that all depends on the consciousness of the people involved and the choices they make.


May 1-3 the Sun in a positive aspect to Pluto which promises transformations and healing to those who apply themselves and are ready to dig deeply to uproot that which needs healing. Asking for help from those who know what it’s like is a huge plus. Arrogance is a set back. 12 step programs ought to be thriving with sincere seekers.


May 3-4 the Sun is nicely aspecting Uranus increasing creativity and intuition.


May 4 Mercury is in a challenging aspect with Mars. Impatience blocks clarity.


May 4-6 the Sun is in a favorable aspect to Jupiter ushering in peace, joy, playfulness and “good luck.” This is an expansive time and good financially.


May 6 Mercury is awkwardly aspecting both Uranus and Pluto. This is not a good time for making decisions. It’s a good time for study and contemplation.


May 7 Mercury enters Gemini and remains in this glib, curious, intelligent air sign until May 29. This is the ideal time to study something which requires writing and thinking out of the box. It will keep you young and healthy.


May 8 Venus is aspecting Neptune stimulating the dreamer in you. Using your imagination to create art and music will find you happy and relaxed and in the flow.



May 8-10 could be a bit of a frustrating time for all of us while the Sun in Taurus is opposite Saturn in Scorpio. There are some circumstances arising with others which seem to hold you back. Although it may seem frustrating there is someone you’re thinking about whose health is a concern for you. Reach out and do what you can. Also during this time span Venus will be opposite Mars. What you want and think you need may not work out right now. Compromise may seem impossible to you.


May 9-11 Mercury is in an awkward aspect to Neptune which brings about confusion and misunderstandings.


May 10-12 Mercury will be in a super fine aspect to Mars which is ideal for expressing your thoughts and ideas. The words seem to flow with ease.


May 12-14 could be challenging with Venus aspecting Pluto suggesting that issues of jealousy are likely to crop up to be transformed. While you’re feeling the feelings you are not likely to have much of a perspective on what is going on. These could be deep old feelings that are getting triggered in the present and are stronger because of past patterns. If you allow yourself to feel and go back to childhood and teen years you will be likely to (later on) find the thread which has carried these intense feelings into the present and then be done with them. Most likely these feelings are being covered up by an addiction of some sort.


May 13-15 Mercury is in a fine aspect to Venus and Uranus (conjunct in Aries). The charmer in you knows how to win support for your cause. It’s an excellent time for writing or teaching. You are spontaneous and full of enthusiasm.


May 14 the Full Moon will take place with the Moon at 23 degrees of Scorpio and the Sun 23 degrees of Taurus at 3:16 p.m. It’s time to break free from old beliefs that no longer serve you. You are able to see more clearly where you’ve been stuck and what thought systems need to be released. This Full Moon is especially good for anyone who was born between March 8-14, July 9-16 or October 11-17, of any year.  Jupiter and Chiron are in a positive aspect to each other which produces unconditional love and intimacy.


Ananur Forma resides on the ocean in Rockland Maine


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