Mercury turns direct July first. Full Moon takes place on July 12th at exactly  7:25 a.m. with the Moon in Capricorn/Sun in Cancer.

By ananur forma | Jun 29, 2014

July 2014 by Ananur Forma calculated for East Coast Time zone


July 1 Mercury turns direct at 8:51 a.m. having been retrograde since June 7. Sometimes it takes a few days after Mercury turns direct for life to swing back into forward momentum. Be patient and persistent.


July 2-3 (at 5 p.m.) Venus is aspecting Jupiter and Pluto which suggests that these two days will find you reviewing past relationships. There’s something to be learned. There are expectations and beliefs about how relationships ought to be which requires releasing. One more thing about these particular aspects and that is that it could be a time of increased addictive behavior.


July 2-4 the Sun in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect can be problematic if you were born with your Sun in a challenging aspect to Pluto, which means, “troubles with authoritative people, and the government.” You may need to take a stand for yourself if someone is overpowering. They may not mean to be that way. Perhaps it’s just their personality. However, their behavior has caused you to feel put down and angry and you’re not comfortable. Can you have an objective honest discussion with that person or accept them as they are? Or would you choose to avoid them entirely?


July 4-7 (until 8 a.m.) Venus is aspecting Uranus ushering in a romantic vibe and creative energy. Whatever you do creatively will be unique, one of a kind.


July 6-7 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Saturn until noon July 7. This aspect usually brings about disappointment in a relationship. Someone you wanted to rely on proves to be unreliable. You’re feeling discouraged. Perhaps this (reliability) is something that you value in yourself and need not project your values onto another.

Perhaps there are other qualities about this person that you really like. The question is can accept this person as they are and not expect so much of them?


July 6-8 the Sun in Cancer is in a challenging aspect to Uranus and in a positive aspect to Saturn. Changes come about that are necessary for your evolvement, yet it is uncomfortable and unsettling.


July 9-10 (until noon) Mars is aspecting Neptune causing low energy and misunderstandings to take place. Don’t think about being productive, for now. Relax.


July 11 Mercury is nicely aspecting Jupiter sparking all kinds of brilliant ideas.


July11-13 (until 9 a.m.) Venus will be in a beautiful aspect to Mars which favors relationships. This is actually a good time for a wedding celebration.


July 12 Mercury enters Cancer remaining in this oh so emotional water sign until July 31. Pay close attention to your dreams as they tend to be profound and informative.


July 12 the Full Moon takes place at 7:25 a.m. with the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer. The best way to express your deeper feelings today is through writing. With the Moon in Capricorn it’s not easy to put your inner most feelings into words verbally. You need to say some things to a loved one that they need to hear.


July 14 the Sun is aspecting Neptune finding you tired and spaced out. This is another good day for just relaxing. Mercury is aspecting Saturn which stirs up negative thoughts. Use this energy wisely by organizing and planning. Avoid criticizing.

Ananur Forma in Rockland Maine.

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