Mercury will turn retrograde July 14. Astrology and the planets positions help us to make thoughtful decisions.

By ananur forma | Jul 01, 2012

Mercury will be turning retrograde July 14  10:15 p.m. and turns direct August 8 1:39 a.m. Mercury turns retrograde at 12 degrees of Cancer. Anyone born between July 4-6 any year will find this phase especially annoying. Try to avoid misunderstandings by completely eliminating “assumptions.” Another notable this month is Jupiter in challenging aspects to Saturn and Pluto. Our financial system is not looking good with these aspects. That’s July 8-26.


          July 1 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Saturn. There are uncomfortable adjustments being made in your primary relationship. It’s likely that you’re not feeling cherished, valued and appreciated.


          July 2-3 Venus is in an awkward aspect with Pluto which brings up past issues in personal relationships which you thought were healed. You still have work to do when it comes to jealousy and possessiveness.


          July 2-4 Mercury is nicely aspecting Uranus which increases creativity and intuition. Venus is favorably aspecting Uranus opening doors to new relationships which have no thought of outcome. Mercury is sweetly aspecting Venus. Writing poetic love letters or lyrics is expansive.


          July 3 the Full Moon takes place at 2:53 p.m. with the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer. Old habit patterns turn into automatic responses, which might not fit with who you are today. It’s time to examine your feelings and beliefs in regard to family relations. They have changed. You may need to release the old thoughts stemming back to your family of origin. You can love your parents and yet not follow their rules on family behavior. For some this falls into the category of subconscious behavior. How we do our family relationships is changing.


          July 3 Mars will enter Libra remaining here until August 23. The courts will be busy. Issues pertaining to marriage will be on the top of the list. Mercury is aspecting Pluto indicating fundamentalist view points are overwhelming thus bringing up feelings for those of us who think liberally/universally.


          July 7-8 Mars is in a nasty aspect with Neptune known for low energy. Your immune system is vulnerable. You need rest.


          July 8-9 the Sun is harshly aspecting Neptune suggesting a deceptive person in your orbit. Be sure to check this person out before diving into something that you would regret. You’re impressionable now.


July 8-26 Jupiter is in a challenging aspect to Saturn and Pluto. The financial system and accountability system is crumbling, causing us concern.



          July 12-14 the Sun in Cancer is in a conflicted aspect with Saturn in Libra which is somewhat depressive. It’s harder to see the solutions (which always exist) at this time. Try to catch the negative thoughts and put them aside. Allow your mind to be empty in order for real solutions to come. An empty mind is fertile ground.


          July 13 Uranus turns retrograde, until December 13. This is an ideal time for group gatherings where real heart-soul-brain storming is taking place. Those born between March 27-30 of any year will find that this period is internally disruptive. It can be a good time for intimate study of self and releasing the past, moving forward into the unknown, and that which is drawing you... to it. You will no doubt have times of great realization that help you to break free from the past and unfold the You that you are becoming. Also taking place on July 13 is an awkward aspect between the Sun and Jupiter which expands the ego into a self righteous, self deceptive, naïve, idealist. This may feel uplifting at the time but turn out to be a downer when you see that you have tricked yourself somehow someway.


          July 14 Mercury will go retrograde at 10:15 p.m. until August 8 at 1:39 p.m. Make sure your computer is a-okay and other electrical machines that you rely upon…including your vehicle.



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