mid-coast seamless gutters

Mid-Coast Seamless Gutters was started in 1991 by a couple of guys, (myself being one). The idea came from watching a Rockport roofing company do an installation. We looked at each other and said, there simply has to be a better way of doing this. From a meager start to being considered the best in the state came from making mistakes, learning from them and moving on. Achieving the status we have achieved came from who you, ( the public ), said we are, not  who we wanted you to believe we are. We earned this recognition from trial and error. Our list of clients include names like Pingree, Brennan, Dupont, To the builders of the twin towers in New York. Gutters, It's what we do, It's all we do. Call or E-mail gutterpros@yahoo.com for a free estimate

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