Modern TV salesmanship!

By Art Jura | Jan 25, 2014
Photo by: Joyce Jura My wife took this photo of me during a 2003 book signing at Huston-Tuttle's book store in Rockland.

SOUTH THOMASTON. — I have been producing these "Blogs" on Village Soup since 2008, but I'm not really a "computer-geek". I am too old for all that stuff. However, I do enjoy promoting our three local Finnish-American organizations, and will attempt to continue doing so for as long as I am capable.

As I "mature", I do find myself watching much more television...especially with these huge flat screens! And the variety of programing is great. I have been a customer of Time Warner Cable since we inherited the account from my mother!

Several months ago, I noticed the apprearance of a channel 195, which originates from Moscow, Russia! It's all in English, and the programs and news are very much similar to the American and English productions. With the upcoming Winter Olympics being held in Russia, how lucky can you get?

Guess what? Channel 195 disappeared from Time Warner! I soon discovered that Time Warner's automated phone systems are impossible for my aging brain! Solution? I typed out a one-page letter, explaining everything to Time Warner, and mailed it to them via Certified Mail. It was delivered 1-14-2014. I have received no answers or phone calls!

Does anyone recall that Time Warner recently attempted to drop the Boston channel 34, until too many customers complained?

Has anyone else had these problems recently? Or is this now our modern TV salesmanship in Maine?

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