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By Carolyn Zachary | Oct 13, 2017

Monroe news

By Kimberly Lawson-Tinsman

The Monroe Village Store is now open! I stopped in this morning for a piece of breakfast pizza, and wandered through to see what else was in. They are serving beer and wine with their eat-in meals in the Beer Garden. And will have full breakfast menu on Saturdays until 10:30 and Sundays until 1.

I know I'm not the only one excited to have a store again!

Going forward there will no longer be Monday coffee hour at the library as the store is now reopened.

2018 Monroe Bicentennial Calendars are now available. $10 each. May be picked up at the Library. M: 10-1, W: 4-7, F 10-1.

Monroe Community Halloween Party - sponsored by the Monroe Community Library - Tuesday, October 31st from 4-7. All invited to bring a Potluck item. There will be games, pumpkin carving, music, apple pressing, and more! Held inside and outside at the Monroe Town Hall.

There will be a special town meeting on Wednesday October 25th at 7pm to discuss if the town will vote to purchase outright a solar array for the Town of Monroe from Solarlogix

and to see if the town will vote to lease to purchase a solar array from Revision Energy.

Last week while at my daughters field hockey practice I started chatting with a lady sitting on the bench near me. It was Sarah Sholes mother, who had driven from Iowa to visit. She mentioned she was disappointed that so few trees had changed not only here, but when they drove through Canada as well. I'm not sure how long they were staying, but I hope they get to see some of that famous New England foliage.


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